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WATCH: Family-Safe Handgun Home Defense Tactics



So you heard a bump in the night, and you grabbed your gun. Now what? Click the photo above to find out!

Ever checked out the Personal Defense Network’s training videos? If you haven’t, now’s the time. Ken Crawford of Reno Guns & Range discusses an important home defense concept: how to move through your home with a handgun without endangering your family. Whether you hear the proverbial bump in the night or for any reason believe you need to get your handgun because a lethal threat may be in your home, it’s critical not to endanger the people you are trying to protect when using home defense weapons.

Empirical data shows that the majority of unusual sounds heard in the middle of the night are not threats and do not require the homeowner’s going armed. There is almost never an actual need for the homeowner to use the handgun in home defense. That being said, Ken demonstrates how to check your home for intruders while not threatening your family with your home defense weapon. He demonstrates two home defense tactics scenarios, with a barrier on the range representing a corner in a home. Watch the full video by clicking the photo above, or by clicking here!

But what about my sweetie?

And yes, it comes at the same time for both of you.

The Personal Defense Network‘s founder, Rob Pincus, feels that gun safety training is so important that he makes many of their basic safety videos free for everyone to watch. However, the Personal Defense Network training videos go way beyond the basics for Gold members, covering everything from in-depth discussions of the criminal mindset, to hardening your home, to the latest gun and gear reviews. Right now, you can win not just one, but two, Gold memberships to the Personal Defense Network with our best February giveaway yet: The Yours & Mine $3.5K Guns & Gear Giveaway!

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