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How 10 Twisted Tea Memes Can Win You a Big, Fine Revolver



Today’s article is courtesy of our expert in all things memetastic…guest writer XDMAN himself! You can catch up on his other adventures by visiting him at and!

Hey, all you cool—eh nevermind. Like the rest of y’all, 2020 had me hunkering down in the bunker trying to ride out the Coronavirus apocalypse. That gave me plenty of time to work on my sweet skills, play on the internet, and catch up on all the serial killer documentaries. (Thanks, Netflix!) We learned that Trump wasn’t guilty and that everything else could be blamed on that bitch, Carole Baskin. We also learned how Twisted Tea can win you a Big, Fine Revolver. (More on that soon…)

While some people were avoiding Corona beer and hoarding hand sanitizer like it was liquid gold, Trump jokingly suggested drinking bleach to kill the ‘ronas. No thanks. I’ll stick to my cranberry juice and Twisted Teas.

A portrait of the artist as a young man.

Although my pandemic experience was nothing like the movies. Negan and I planned to wander the wasteland like I Am Legend, we still had some cool times. Negan loved all the extra bonding time…”Daddy, is it Kong time again?”

We participated in some cool giveaways, and we made some fun videos to add to our internet fame. It was a crazy blur of a time that kept giving, and December was no different with the best viral video of 2020/2021! Some call it a “confrontation” in an Ohio gas station, but for us it was like a Christmas present. The gift to all was all the memes that followed.

In between our involvement in MighTea Twisted Gun & Gear Giveaway, playing video games and getting Reddit Rich, we took the time to pick out some of the best Twisted Tea memes that we wanted to share with you. Enjoy the list and comment below if you think the list was good!

1. Fair Warning…

2. Bring Enough Tea


3. Even Eminem gets the willies

4. Open Tab In Case of Carjacking

5. Say “Smack Me” again. Say it. I dare you. I double dare you.

6. Is there a Doc Holliday in the house?

7. That’s no silencer!

8. This guy is my spirit animal

9. Let’s be honest, it’s just going to sit in our wallet for the next 5 years…

10. Unstoppable force, meet immovable object.

Other than Chuck Norris, the only thing that could possibly stand up to a can of Twisted Tea is a  Magnum Research Big, Fine Revolver (BFR) chambered in .44 Magnum and rocking a 5-inch barrel. Don’t worry, Cowboy…we’re giving away Space Cowboy holster for your BFR from Magnum Research. We’re also giving away some top-notch hearing pro from AXIL…and a gift card from XDMAN so you can camouflage your BFR as a can of tea for extra deterrence.

Entering the MighTea Twisted $1.8K Gun & Gear Giveaway is simple and free! Just click here, give us your contact information, and wait to get mighty twisted!


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