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Announcing the Awesome Autumn II Giveaway!



What’s better than pumpkin spice? This giveaway!

Guns & Gadgets Daily is excited to announce the Awesome Autumn II Giveaway, which is so named not just because we did one last year–but also because there are two grand prizes for two lucky winners. Together with our sponsors, Springfield Armory, Crossbreed Holsters, Winchester Ammunition, XS Sights, and Shoot-On, we’re running a giveaway that’ll make you forget all about that pumpkin spice latte and its place in the hierarchy of all awesome things autumnal. Starting right now and continuing through 12:01 a.m. December 25, we’re accepting entrants for Awesome Autumn II who stand to win about $3,600 (around $1,800 per winner).

You’ll enjoy the short, cool days spent at the range or in the field with your brand-new Springfield Armory XD(M) 10mm handgun, your XD Gear Up package featuring three extra magazines and a range bag, 1,000 rounds of 10mm ammo courtesy of Winchester, and your Premium Sight from XS Sights. Did we miss anything that you still really need? Well, Crossbreed Holsters and Shoot-On are throwing in $250 gift cards–one each per winner–so you can grab anything you might still want, or even pass the cards on as gifts!

Entering is simplicity itself, and costs nothing. Just visit us at this website, enter in your contact information, and wait for your autumn to get much, much more awesome.

Here’s a complete list of everything we’re offering in the Awesome Autumn II Giveaway: