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Langdon Tactical’s “Trigger Job in a Bag”



Did you think I was going to make an “It’s in the bag” joke?

I’m not saying I’ve ever shown up at the gunsmith’s with a sheepish look on my mug and a rattling bag full of gun parts, but…

I’ve definitely shown up at the gunsmith’s with a sheepish look on my mug and a rattling bag of gun parts. However, if you’re the owner of a Beretta 92 or PX4 handgun, you can get your very own “trigger job in a bag” from Langdon Tactical…which makes a whole lot more sense than my method. (My method involves taking your gun apart, cleaning everything, trying to put it back together, cursing, crawling around the floor of my workshop with a flashlight, more cursing, and then putting everything in a bag and sulking my way to the gunsmith’s.) That’s right: If you’re a Beretta person but you just can’t get past that Beretta factory trigger, you can wrap your index finger around Langdon Tactical’s famous trigger job without the hassle of shipping your gun.

Langdon Tactical’s 92 Series Trigger Job in a Bag includes: Wilson Combat Ultimate Trigger Bar, Elite II Hammer, Sear, Sear Spring, Trigger Spring, Hammer Strut, and Wilson Combat Reduced Power Hammer Spring (12, 13, or 14 lbs. options). Wilson Deluxe Hammer upgrade optional. This kit is not compatible with Italian-built 92S models. Price: $165-180

PX4 Trigger Job in a Bag includes: Beretta Competition Trigger Group for the PX4, Wilson Chrome Silicon Trigger Spring (11 or 12 lbs. options) and a Beretta Trigger Bar.

Trigger Job in a Bag provides the same parts Langdon would select, polish, and use for one of their world-class trigger jobs, all ready for you to bring to your local gunsmith to install. And the best part? When you hand the bag to said gunsmith, you can say (in perfect sincerity) that “I meant to do that.”

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