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To Hell With Teddy Bears; I’m Building a Custom BFR (Big Fine Revolver)



Now if we could just get this concept into malls everywhere, I wouldn’t mind holiday shopping so much anymore.

I love it when I find a gun company that just…gets me, you know? So I may or may not have squealed like a little girl getting to build her first teddy bear when I discovered that Magnum Research, Inc.–maker of the world-famous Desert Eagle pistol–has a website dedicated solely to making custom builds of their BFR (which stands for “Biggest Finest Revolver,” don’t you know, proving that Magnum Research really does get me). It’s called CustomBFRRevolver.comand if you can spend less than five minutes on there, well, you’re a better man than I am.

This site is a dream tool for fans of big bore guns, as well as big, bored gunwriters. You can create your perfect custom BFR from start to finish with online graphics that reflect each detail as they are selected, so you can see exactly what your Big, Fine Revolver will look like before you place your order. The website also offers customers the ability to create an account, contact the Custom Shop directly, and learn more about the development of Magnum Research’s BFR revolvers. (I haven’t researched that part yet, but I’m going to assume that they said, “How can we make the biggest, Finest revolver you’ve ever seen even more awesome?” and that was pretty much it.)

While building your BFR, you’ll have choices of grip and frame finish, grip style, barrel length, caliber, triggers, sights…you name it, and you can choose it. Here’s what my current favorite looks like:

Please feel free to leave a comment insinuating that I am merely overcompensating for my “shortcomings” as a man. I won’t be able to hear you over how awesome my custom Magnum Research BFR is. Or you could just click here and build one for yourself!


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