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G&GD Review: The Ruger American Rifle



Experienced shooters have noticed one significant trait in all the American-made rifles i.e. their weight. Most of the rifle options available in the inventory of US gunsmiths are heavy. Only seasoned individuals can use them in hunting and tactical settings.

Yet, if you want to keep on with a US-made rifle free of weight issue then the Ruger American rifle may fit in this description. Here, we will try to provide brief details of various manufacturing characteristics of this bolt action rifle.

A Standard Ruger American Rifle

A standard Ruger American rifle is a budget friendly, light weighted option best suited for recreational hunting and firing ranges. Due to its various distinctive characteristics, this hunting firearm is ideal for beginners.

Cutting-Edge Aesthetic Design

The first thing which attracts one towards a standard Ruger American rifle is its impeccable synthetic design which is easy to handle. It doesn’t have heavy timber butt, making it very easy to carry even for the ones who are not accustomed to guns.

The aesthetic details of a standard Ruger American rifle doesn’t end here. It has a contoured fore-end and a grip with a patterned raggedness. This doesn’t only look good, but also provides with you a firm clutch.

Adjustable Trigger Pull Weight

Trigger pull weight ‘holds’ great importance for making a perfect shot, especially if you are not a regular shooter. A less pull weight will make the shooting very agile which is not desirable particularly in hunting. Similarly, a heavier trigger pull will only result in losing your target before the bullet leaves the gun. Also, a hardened triggered pull can’t help you in firing your weapon in stressful conditions.

The trigger pull of a standard Ruger American rifle is designed with an adjustable setting. Shooters can adjust its weight in between three and five lbs. So every shooter can go with its preferred setting. For beginners, a 4 lb trigger pull is suitable while seasoned users can go with all five lbs of the weight.

Generous Scope Clearance And Convenient Cycling

Shooting and firearm forums are usually crammed with the questions regarding the suitable clearance between the scope and the barrel. With the Ruger American rifle, you don’t have to exhaust yourself in finding the right amount of clearance. Its one-piece three-LUG bolt provides an acute throw angle for enough clearance between the barrel and the scope to get a better aim of the target.

Novice shooters have another problem with bolt action rifles i.e. the difficulty of cycling them especially in the shooting position where the rifle butt is sitting on the shoulder. Inexperienced shooters have to come out of their shooting stance to cycle the rifle.

The Ruger American rifle has solved this problem by employing the entire diameter of the bolt body and dual cocking cams. It enables a convenient cycling without disturbing your laid down shooting position.

Optimal Accuracy With Power Bedding

Proper bedding is the most fundamental aspect to achieve optimal accuracy in guns. If the metal element of the rifle is not fit and stable against the stock then you will experience poor accuracy. The Ruger American rifle is manufactured with unique bedding formula which enables the free float of barrel for an exceptional accuracy.

This power bedding of a Ruger American rifle is famous for giving minute of angle accuracy which helps in aiming at a moving target.

Cold Hammered Barrels

Barrels are either molded in furnace or at room temperature. The Ruger American rifle uses the barrels that are developed at room temperatures. The process is also known as cold hammered forging. This type of barrel manufacturing has several edges over conventional furnace molding.

  • They provide better accuracy
  • The shape of barrel doesn’t get distorted for a long time
  • They are easy to clean

Enhanced Safety And Security Measures

Keeping in mind the newcomers in the shooting game, the manufacturers have incorporated enhanced safety and security measures in the Ruger American rifle. The rifle is fitted with reachable, prominently located and convenient to activate tang safety. This instant security measure is important especially if the rifle is in inexpert hands. Moreover, an extremely soft rubber pad is installed to absorb a powerful recoil impact.

The Ruger American Rifle is also available in different models with slight tweaks of features. Aside from standard model, these variants are also available in the market:

  • Magnum
  • Predator
  • Ranch
  • Go Wild Camo

If you are new to the world of firearms, and particularly rifles, then start off your journey with easy-to-use Ruger American rifles.


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