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G&GD Review: The Brocock Compatto Air Gun .22



For 30 years, Brocock has dominated the air gun market in the United Kingdom. They have manufactured a wide variety of high quality and light weight hunting firearms, handguns and carbides.

The Brocock Compatto air gun with .22 caliber is a new addition in the list of their premium quality products. Shooting an air rifle is not a child’s play but this high quality air gun is one of easiest to handle with its compact partial bullpup design. It is a good pick for air hunting where you have to move quickly along with the target.

Let’s have a quick analysis of this high quality air gun by going through its various features.

Muzzle Velocity

Muzzle velocity of the Brocock Compatto is similar to all the available variants of .22. Maximum velocity one can get is around 1000 FPS, making this high quality air gun an ideal pick for small-time hunting and rodent control.


The accuracy of these guns with heavier pellets is quite outstanding. However, lighter pellets don’t provide with the same pinpoint aiming. So, a seasoned shooter will only go with a Brocock Compatto Air Gun with bulky pellets.

Trigger Pull Weight

The trigger pull weight of the Brocock Compatto air gun is around one pound. The trigger of this high quality gun is pulled in two stages where the first one is exceptionally light weighted. This feature makes it very convenient to shoot the target at the right time.


Consistency of different features of the Brocock Compatto is good enough to term it as a high quality air gun. For instance, the consistency of the trigger pull is near perfect with just a difference of 2.5 ounces between the minimum and maximum recording. Shot to Shot variation of the Brocock Compatto can also be termed as a consistent feature.

However, the consistency of accuracy is only good with heavy pallets. If you want to get a Brocock Compatto for domestic use then make sure that you are getting the one with bulky pallet.


Some people hate air guns for their notorious bangs. But there is a reason that the Brocock Compatto is referred as a high quality air gun. It is fitted with the Hugget sound moderator which reduces its noise to a level where you can use it in your backyard without annoying the whole neighborhood.


A Hawke Vantage scope with the dimensions of 3-9 * 40A0 is available with a standard Brocock Compatto. Vantage scopes are mid-range Hawke models. Due to its itched glass reticle, the shooter gets an illuminated and bright vision through the scope. The mil dot is also very thin with sharp edges.

The high quality scope of this air gun makes it also suitable for field use and to aim and shoot medium range targets.

Ability To Shoot

Shooting capacity of an air gun is gauged by the easiness with which one can shoot it. Several design features play their part in making an air gun easy-to-shoot. There are multiple design traits of the Brocock which makes it a very convenient shooting weapon.

Light weight: Even with a scope fitted, a standard Brocock Compatto weighs around eight pounds which makes it easy to handle in all the shooting stances. Moreover, its muzzle is not heavy and more of its weight is centered on the rear, which means you can rapidly move the gun towards the target.

Short Length: Unlike many other air guns, the Brocock Compatto is a short-length gun (even with a silencer). Short length firearms are obviously easier to carry and operate.

Elevated cheek weld: For hunting purposes, the Brocock Compatto is an easy-to-shoot option also because of its unique cheek weld provided by the buttstock. It also helps in maintaining a consistent accuracy.

Robust 10-shot magazine: Rotary magazine of the Brocock Compatto is convenient to mount and load. A robust magazine is necessary if you are on a long hunting trip.


Aesthetics of the Brocock Compatto also gives it the credibility of a high quality air gun. The semi-bullpup design doesn’t only play its part in making a more functional air gun, but also makes it a visually appealing firearm.

All the metallic parts are covered with different finishes but still they blend together quite elegantly. The rubber rear of the gun also goes well with the overall metallic body.

If you are fond of high quality air guns and also have a frequent use of them then the Brocock Compatto might be the best high-end option.


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