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The Greatest Generation of Guns and Gear Giveaway



Following in the footsteps of our great-grandfathers.

The Greatest Generation: Forged in the dust and poverty of the Great Depression, our great-grandfathers and grandmothers rose to the challenge of the Second World War without complaint—and when it was over, they had the courage and grace to befriend America’s defeated enemies and help rebuild Europe. Although there will never be thanks enough to repay them for their sacrifice and quiet heroism, we can keep their memories alive in our hearts…and we can do our best to emulate them. Now Guns and Gadgets Daily is proud to present The Greatest Generation of Guns and Gear Giveaway, with about $7,000 worth of the guns and gear they either had—or would have loved to. From now through October 25, you can enter to win by clicking here. It’s free to enter—all we need are your contact details! You’ll qualify to win a .45 ACP Springfield Armory 1911, fully customized by CMC Products, and a highly coveted spot in a Vickers Tactical 1911 Operator’s Training course to help you use it as effectively as Grandpop did. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the Springfield Armory M1A, complete with walnut stock and leather sling. Your prize package also includes some tried and true Winchester Ammunition, a Vortex Optics scope, belt and holster from Crossbreed…and, in America’s 75-year-old tradition of learning from the countries that once faced us on the battlefield, some truly crazy-warm Jagdhund hunting and shooting clothing!

Here’s a complete list of the prizes in our winner’s package:

1. Springfield Armory 1911 .45ACP Fully Customized by CMC Products and 9 extra magazines from CMC Products Valued at $2000

2. One Spot in a 1911 Operators Training, Taught by Larry Vickers Valued at $575

3. Springfield Armory Standard M1A Rifle in New Walnut Stock Valued at $1800

4. Springfield Armory Leather Sling for M1A Valued at $35

5. Jadghund Alpkogel Jacket Valued at $692

6. Jagdhund Jenner Backpack Valued at $338

7. Jagdhund Schopfl Boots Valued at $308

8. Jagdhund Graz Hat Valued at $146

9. Jagdhund Mistelbach Vest Valued at $190

10. Crossbreed OWB Black Leather Holster Valued at $85

11. Crossbreed Black Leather Belt Valued at $75

12. Vortex Viper HS 4305 Riflescope Valued at $649


13. 500 Rounds Winchester USA .45 ACP Ammo FMJ 230 Grains Valued at $200

14. 500 Rounds Winchester USA 7.62 NATO Ammo FMJ 147 Grains Valued at $475


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