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TESTED: Federal Premium Personal Defense Punch Ammo



Four guns, four calibers … does Federal Premium’s Personal Defense Punch ammo make the grade?

When Federal Premium first debuted their Punch ammunition, initial reviews raved about this ammunition’s performance at the point of impact. “The Punch line of ammunition was built with economy in mind,” states Frank Melloni in our sister publication, Popular EDC.  “In essence, it is affordable man-stopping fodder for your favorite carry pistol.” Those reviews tell us a lot, but when it comes to terminal ballistics, the proof is in the pudding. Er, well, the ballistic gel. In this fantastic video from Personal Defense World (be sure to like and subscribe!), Melloni walks you through the pros (many) and the cons (few) of Federal Premium Punch ammunition in four calibers, run through four guns.

Does Federal’s Punch ammo live up to the hype? How does it perform not just in gel, but after having “punched” its way through denim and leather? Did you know that 98% of all bad guys wear denim and leather as a uniform? (If the answer is no, that’s because Melloni made that statistic up. But we’re going with it.) But there’s one more question to answer:

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