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Taurus G3C: Why a Sweet Trigger Changes Everything



Taurus’ G3C pistol trigger puts first things first…so you can put rounds in the X-ring.

When Taurus set out to create the perfect budget-friendly defensive handgun, they put first things first: The inch of steel that is the primary contact between shooter and firearm. Ask any shooter what their greatest frustration is with off-the-shelf pistols, and if they don’t answer “the sights,” they’ll answer “the trigger.” A really good factory trigger with a nice, crisp break and a short reset can make all the difference, both for accuracy, and for the pleasure of shooting. That’s why the new Taurus G3C pistol trigger was completely re-engineered, and why reviewers just can’t say enough about it.

Popular EDC’s Frank Melloni had this to say about the Taurus G3C pistol trigger: “The trigger of our test gun broke at just 4 pounds, 9 ounces and a tactile reset was found within less than one-quarter of an inch of forward travel. I’m not really into comparison gun reviews but to put it in perspective it was shorter than a very well-built German pistol that was also sitting on my desk. The trigger is of the single-action variety, but like a double-action it has re-strike capability should the round not fire the first time.”

Want to know more about how the Taurus G3C pistol’s trigger can make shooting even more fun for you (and less so for your target)? Click on the photo above to check out a cool video about how it all works!

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