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Supreme Court to Gun-Grabbing California City: You Got Some ‘Splaining to Do



You know how Labradors just get into everything.

Seven years ago, San Jose confiscated a woman’s guns and still refuses to return them…

Everybody knows that California is a front-runner for the worst gun laws in America–it’s been that way for a long time–but many of us who don’t live there aren’t familiar with just how far some of the municipalities in Anti-Gun Cali will go to violate their citizens’ Second Amendment rights. Yesterday, we learned that the U.S. Supreme Court has turned their 18 gimlet eyes upon the city of San Jose in response to a suit by the Second Amendment Foundation. The suit, brought on behalf of Lori Rodriguez, is one of the most egregious infringements we’ve seen in decades. According to this article, quoting the SAF’s Alan Gottlieb:

“Her [Rodriguez’] firearms were seized seven years ago after her husband was taken to a hospital on a mental health issue,” the foundation said. “At the time, a San Jose police officer advised Rodriguez he had authority to seize all firearms in the residence, including those belonging solely to her, which were all locked in a California-approved safe. The guns were taken without a warrant, and over Rodriguez’s objection.”

Although all of the lower courts agreed that Rodriguez had done nothing wrong, the city continues to refuse to return her firearms to her. Of course, we would never imply that the city can’t return those guns because they either lost them or “lost” them. However, this demand from the U.S. Supreme Court cannot be ignored. As Gottlieb indicated dryly, ” “If the city thought they could just ignore this case and make it go away, they’re wrong.”

So what do you think the City of San Jose will have to say for themselves? Personally, I’m so excited to hear just what they say that I can’t wait the months it will take for them to come up with enough legal double-speak to reply. That’s why, today, I’ve compiled a list of handy-dandy excuses for the City of San Jose–I’m a giver like that–to make things easier for them when the Supreme Court asks them to come up to the blackboard and show their work.

If they can eat cans, they can eat a Hi-Point.

1. The goat ate Rodriguez’ guns

I know, I know. The image we used to head this article is a dog eating the City of San Jose’s homework, er, confiscated firearms. However, there’s a problem with that…California police don’t seem to like dogs very much. Like, at all. Plus, even my old Basset hound would probably have trouble getting the entire receiver and stock down his gullet. So let’s go with goats, instead. The goats ate Rodriguez’ guns, and that’s why San Jose couldn’t return them for seven years.

Has anybody suggested this one to the CDC? Sounds like more fun than chloroquine for COVID-19.

2. Rodriguez’ guns have a bad cold and can’t come to work today

It might seem strange to refer to a gun collection as if it were a conscious entity that is capable of becoming ill, but this is California we’re talking about. These are the same people who think that the presence of a gun turns you from a reasonable person into a crazed murderer, as if it were the Serpent in the Garden. If firearms are capable of taking over your mind like some kind of Cordyceps ant, then we have to figure that they’re also vulnerable to the sniffles. So here you go, San Jose: You couldn’t return Rodriguez’ gun collection because they’re not feeling well and need to stay home today. And for the next seven years.

The kids already named it Spot.

3. Rodriguez’ guns have bonded with their new Forever Homes and it’s cruel to take them back.

Now, far be it from us to imply that the City of San Jose never applied the same rigid storage standards to themselves that they demand of their residents, and that Rodriguez’ guns either never made it to their evidence locker or didn’t stay there for long. We would never say such a thing. However, there’s always the possibility that those guns followed some of the officers home and then hung around outside the porch looking sad until someone put out a bowl of kibble. I mean, come on Mom, clearly we deserve them more than Rodriguez–she kept them all locked up in a safe, but here we are with this great big yard for them to play in. The whole family has really bonded with these guns and it would be cruel to return them now.

Whatever excuse the City of San Jose comes up with, we know it’s going to be entertaining. The Second Amendment Foundation’s Gottlieb said, “When a municipal government agency can seize property without a warrant, and be protected by the lower courts in so doing, it is time for the U.S. Supreme Court to step in and right this dangerously tilted ship before it capsizes.”

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