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Steyr Arms Presents: Train For the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have



What does Steyr Arms mean when they say “Train for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have”?

There’s an old American cultural trope that Germans don’t have any sense of humor, so it’s a good thing that Steyr Arms hails from Austria! This Friday, Steyr is here to prove that Austrian humor is real and hilarious with their latest new tongue-in-cheek video: “Train for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have.” (And also to remind us that hardcore special-forces operators get hungry, too.)

Speaking of training, we have some excellent news from our friends at Steyr! The Coronavirus pandemic shuttered schools nationwide, and unfortunately their spring and early-summer Steyr Academy training courses were also canceled to help safeguard your health…but they now have new course dates for all of the Steyr Academy courses you’ve been anticipating!

Your safety is Steyr’s first priority, so classes are currently limited to 10 students each to comply with social-distancing mandates. That means that these are sure to sell out quickly. Here’s what they have as of right now:

Steyr Precision Rifle-3 (shooting out to 1200 yards) for August 26-28;

Pre-King of 2 Miles (a prerequisite course for the advanced King of 2 Miles course) will be August 29-30;

Steyr Precision Rifle-1 (shooting to 600 yards) will be held October 14-15 and again on October 21-22;

Steyr Scout Rifle Course on October 16-17 and again on October 23-24;

AUG-specific course on October 17-18 and October 24-25. There’s more to come, so bookmark this link!