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Stage Your Defensive Gun Anywhere With N8Tactical Magna-Arm Gun Mount



Where would you stage your defensive gun, if you could?

Your home is your castle, and where you build your moat and parapets is your choice.

The Coronavirus pandemic has most of America currently holed up in our homes in an attempt to help slow the spread of COVID-19, so why not use this time to examine our home-defense strategies? After all, we’ve recently learned that many localities are releasing “low-level offenders” (yes, that sounds great, I’m sure none of them are violent, and may I purchase that bridge from you, please?) from jail. One tool that the home defender may find very useful indeed is the N8Tactical Magna-Arm Gun Mount.

Here’s what I love about this cool and inexpensive little gadget: I can, right now, go around my home and examine all of the possible “weak points” where a criminal might attempt to break in. I can then take my N8Tactical Magna-Arm Gun Mount and put it right there where I, as the home defender, can access it immediately. It uses a crazy-strong magnet to secure up to 15 pounds of firearm wherever I think the firearm will do the most good. You can even use it to stage your long guns–although N8Tactical does suggest that you use two Magna-Arm units to do so.

The excellent news here is that the Magna-Arm Gun Mount is a mere $19.95, so whether you’re looking to stage a long gun or a handgun–or multiple combos of all of the above–you’re not going to be spending a fortune to do it. Naturally, this may not be the best solution for home defense if you have small children or other “unauthorized users” who will continue to live in or frequent your home. However, for those of us who don’t have that concern, this is an excellent solution.

According to N8Tactical, these are available in stock and they are shipping. Due to the pandemic, shipping times have slowed–at the time of this writing, there’s a two- to three-week lead time on orders–but orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible. Want one? Click here!

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