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Springfield Armory’s 911 – The Little Gun That Gives All Defensive Carriers A Serious Chance



So, if you’re on the fence about the .380 ACP, you should give this one a chance.

We here at Guns And Gear Daily have been giving the 911 a really good look and it’s proving itself to be a worthy defensive tool. And don’t just take our word for it.

Richard White at American Rifleman just published his extensive and glowing review of the 911. His review backs up Springfield Armory owner and CEO Dennis Reese’s claim that “It’s a serious handgun for all demographics.” White has so many good things to say about the gun that it is hard to keep track, but let us try to list the bulk of them here.

While (Of Course) Small, It Is Also Very Light.

The 911’s frame is manufactured with 7075-T6 aluminum making it effortless to carry. And the gun gives you the ultimate in concealability, as shown by its tale-of-the-tape:

  • Length5.5 inches
  • Height3.9 inches
  • Width0.96 inches
  • Empty Weight12.6 ounces

The 911’s Specs | Image courtesy of American Rifleman

Yet, It Fits Large Hands In More Ways Than One.

Most-telling is even the giant-handed among us can rejoice – the 911 doesn’t bite back!

To prevent hammer bite, Springfield has incorporated a fixed beavertail that encompasses the rear of the hammer when at full-cock, making it impossible for even the fleshiest of hands to be bitten by the slide or hammer.


the trigger guard is undercut where it meets the frame, allowing shooters to get as high a hold as possible.

Not only that, if you have huge hands and still want optimal concealability, you should be able to get at least two fingers fully on the front strap when using the flush-fit magazine. If more finger space is needed to get a better grip and to increase control,

using the extended magazine made the gun feel completely different and allowed me to get all three fingers on the frontstrap and magazine extension.

It Is Also Ambidextrous

The 911 comes with bi-lateral safeties.

The lefties among us will also love that there are bi-lateral safeties on the 911. When it comes to the safeties, that’s not the only great feature of a gun that is modeled after the classic 1911 –

Unlike the M1911, the 911 can be loaded and unloaded with the manual safety on. But the gun’s slide stop, magazine release and thumb safety are all in the familiar locations, and users with M1911 experience will have no problem running the 911. Like the M1911, the smaller gun can be carried “cocked and locked,” with the chamber loaded, hammer back and manual thumb safety applied.

And The Sights Are Outta Sight

As White describes, there is a lot to love about such small sights.

  • The low-profile of the sights improves the gun’s concealability;
  • The U-shape notch allows for quick alignment; and
  • The front and rear light combination helps with focus and aim in both bright light and low light scenarios.

All In All, The 911 Is A Beauty That Is Machined To The Tightest Tolerances

As White notes,

The fit and finish of the 911 is exemplary. Its slide-to-frame fit is wobble-free, and neither the frame nor slide exhibit any tooling marks. Parts such as the thumb safeties, magazine release, extractor and loaded-chamber indicator are well-fit and without slop. Even the sight dovetails are precise and showed no daylight between the cut and sight. All of the gun’s sharp edges have been removed, and there is nothing that might cut its user or an expensive leather holster.

This all adds up to a gun that you’ll have fun shooting at the range while you prepare for the day that you hope never comes. But if it does come, you will be ready.

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