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Some Items You Must Have In Your Range Bag



If you’re new to shooting, you might find it a bit unnerving to start going to the range on your own. If you’re like other new shooters, you won’t have a clue of what you should or shouldn’t bring along to the range. Bringing just your firearm won’t suffice. If you do that, you’d have to rent all of the other stuff such as protection gear for your ears and eyes. You would also have to pay a price over and above the normal for the targets and ammo available at the range.

What Are The Necessities?

A frequent visitor to the range needs a range bag that has all of the right gear that makes the shooting experience worth all of the efforts. This is invariably true if there is a lime limit to shooting at the range. There are some items that you must have in your range bag that help to reduce your frustrations while saving precious time and money, waiting in line because you left something important back at home.

There are many items that you must have in your range bag and to save you the effort of finding what they are, we have compiled a list which you can use to tally what items are missing from your bag before you head out to the range.

A Range Bag

Before you move on to the items on the list, you need a sturdy, portable and compact range bag to bring along to the range. There are many of these on the market so you must pick wisely. One of the better options out there for a range bag is the Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe. It comes with a removable pistol pouch for easy access to your favorite handgun(s) (it can store two of them).

The S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing on the bag means that you can attach more pouches and other accessories to the bag for maximum utility. This bag comes with a myriad of internal pockets to store ammo and other resources. You can hand carry or strap it onto your shoulders when carrying a heavier load.


Of the items that you must have in your range bag, perhaps none is more important than your ammunition. People often tend to overlook this in their haste, don’t be one of them. The ammo needs to be reliable but less expensive in comparison to self-defense ammo. You should find out a load that is economical for your gun and runs well with it.

Protective Eye Gear

Not second to ammunition is protective eye gear. This is also one of the items that you must have in your range bag. Many shooting ranges may not even allow you to practice without protective eye gear. Getting glasses on rent or loaning them will cost you extra without the comfort of having them fit snuggly on your frame to ensure safety.

Ear Protection

The minimum for these are simple ear plugs but it is better to have passive earmuffs to allow maximum comfort and saving your hearing while you practice at the range. Electronic hearing protection will take this a step further by canceling loud gunshots and amplifying quieter sounds so you are not completely cut off from your surroundings.

Maintenance Tools

It can be a real downer when you are all ready to perform in the shooting range but your firearm isn’t that’s why there are some items that you must have in your range bag that will help with maintaining the condition of your firearm. Items such as a bore cleaner for your gun(s), high quality lubricant amongst other things need to be present in your range bag to allow you and your gun to perform optimally. Have a clean rag or patch to wipe off excess lubricant when you’re done cleaning. A reliable cleaning kit is desirable in this case.

Spotting Scope

A spotting scope is important. Especially if the shooting distance is over 25 yards. You’ll want to see whether your rounds are even hitting the target or falling behind. Typically, you must wait for others to finish firing before you’re allowed to inspect. A spotting scope will help you see your results while at the firing line, so there’ll be no waiting.

There are other things such as responsive targets that you may use as an accompaniment for your trip to the range to make it more successful.

Is there anything we left out? Let us know.


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