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Meme Wars: Second Amendment vs. Coronavirus




Ah, is this why the anti-gunners get so upset about bayonet lugs?

I got your Instagram influencer right here, buddy.

Ah, memes. They’re essentially the bumper stickers of the Internet era, and like bumper stickers, they’re unlikely to persuade any anti-gunners out of their beliefs. (I don’t know about you, but I have seen thousands of “Imagine World Peace” stickers, and the effect on me was really quite the opposite.) What they are really, really good at getting you likes, shares, upvotes, and whatever other dopamine-reward system your favorite social-media platform offers its users. After all, in the world of Coronavirus boredom, pro-gun memes are the new currency.

1. Generation X Memers Checking In

Remember the “Oregon Trail” game? We’ve just discovered that it wasn’t really dysentery that we all kept dying of. It was a critical lack of sh1t tickets!

2. I really don’t know how we pro-gun people could have been clearer about this.

Are you trying to tell me that “The Walking Dead” was not an instructional manual? And that the hordes of people moaning “tooooilet paaaaaper” are, in fact, not zombies? Could have fooled me…

3. Did your local government decide to stop approving NFA Class III licenses during the crisis?

JUST KIDDING. Don’t do this, kids. Who posted this here? PRANK CALLER! PRANK CALLER!

4. There’s more than one way to ensure social distancing.

Billy here intends to be the last man standing when this is all over, and I’m rooting for him.

5. Shannon Watts: You can’t shoot a virus!
John Wick: Watch. Me.

Oh, COVID-19, you dun goof’d.

6. In other news, this is your daily reminder that Joe Biden exists and is still running for President of the United States.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has a song that goes quite well with this meme; it’s called “Underage Bichon” and I’m not linking it here.

7. Local gun store sold out? Fourteenth-century England has a solution for you…

I ever do drag, my drag name will be Lucerne Hammer. I’m calling dibs.

8. The real reason to be optimistic about the end of the Coronavirus pandemic…

And right now, scientists are working to create a vaccine from Norris’ beard sweat.

What are your favorite Coronavirus versus the Second Amendment memes? Post them in the comments!


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