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Make Plinking Great Again: Action Target Game Series



I know lots of paper targets, and these are the best paper targets. They’re yuge.

Let’s Make Plinking Great Again: Action Target Inc. has recently introduced the best way to make recreational shooting as fun as it always should be with their  Game Series paper targets. Up until now, Action Target has primarily been known as the leading manufacturer of modern shooting ranges, steel targets and shooting supplies–and that’s how they know that the Game Series paper targets will help you, your family, and your friends enjoy your range time like never before. After all, fun on the range translates to increased accuracy and the gun-handling skills you might someday need to trust with your life.

Action Target’s Game Series turns your shooting range into an arcade, a hunting adventure, a carnival booth (only it’s actually not rigged, for a refreshing change), a D&D campaign, or an outdoor team sport such as hockey and baseball. The riveting, vibrant, and interactive shooting experience comes from target designs that appeal to the shooter’s sense of amusement. Various targets, such as ‘Alien Invasion’ and ‘Anatomy Training,’ employ fluorescent colors that react to black lights, making for even more fun in low-light shooting scenarios.

Each target includes unofficial rules for game play. The object of the ‘Ocean Battle’ target, for example, is to be the first player to sink his or her opponents’ ships by shooting the target rings on the ships. The rules suggest that each player is given 3 shots per round…not that you can’t make up your own rules. The selection of games ranges from ‘Billiards’ to ‘Big-O-Hunt’ and from ‘Clown-Shoot’ to ‘Croquet,’ so there’s something for everyone. Check out this cool video for more ideas!


Want to Make Plinking Great Again? Game Series Targets are available here.


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