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G&GD Review – Magpul Hunter 700 Remington SPS AAC Precision Rifle



Precision is all one cares about in a long-range hunting firearms and its gotten better with the introduction of Magpul Hunter 700 in the extended line of custom Remington precision rifles. It is a cost effective option for people who are into custom hunting rifles.

With .308 caliber and the stock barrel of 20 inch, Magpul Hunter 700 is given precision with the chassis upgrade which sits well under the typical Remington action and barrel. There is enough space for the barrel to free-float.

The weight of new Magpul Hunter 700 is reduced by the use of reinforced polymer. The bedding block of the rifle is made of aluminum coated by a protective oxide layer. Magpul Hunter 700 is not only light weight, but also an affordable hunting weapon.

Salient Features Of Magpul Hunter 700 Remington

Let’s delve into the details of some of the distinctive features of this new addition to the family of hunting rifles.

Compatibility Like None Other

The new Magpul hunter is compatible with standard short actions of Remington 700. It can also be upgraded with detachable AICS spec magazines. Nearly all the factory-made barrels can be fitted in Magpul Hunters 700’s assembly including the one of Varmint-Target Rifle, known for its mobility and long-range precision. If you don’t have any weight apprehensions then you can also go with slightly heavier profiles of medium Palma. Also all trigger types (factory-made or aftermarket) can go well with this Remington precision rifle.

So for weapon buffs who want to mold their firearms according to their desired details, there is plenty of room given in Magpul Hunter 700 to play with.

Adjustable Length Of Pull (LOP) For Better Handling

Many beginners are not aware of the importance of LOP in a short gun or rifle. This distance between the rifle’s buttstock and the middle of the trigger determines the handling of the gun by a shooter.

A suitable LOP enables a rapid sight acquisition of the target, more control and increased accuracy without making the user uncomfortable. Remington has taken care of this aspect by keeping the LOP of Magpul Hunter 700 adjustable. One can adjust the LOP of the rifle by two inches.

Conical Beam Design For Better Grip

With detachable free float barrels, many novice shooters experience the issue of firm grip. Magpul Hunter 700, with its slightly conical beam, ensures that you get a better rigidity at the fore-end regardless of the type of fitted barrel.

Convenient And Safe

To ensure the safety of users, a quality rubber recoil butt-pad comes with the stock option. Butt-pad adapter can also be fitted with secondary market pads. Moreover, three different height options are available in cheek risers to take a better position with this Remington precision rifle. The factory-made cheek weld comes with 0.25 inch riser.

Accessory To Consider: High Precision Scope

The standard Remington 700s come with Leupold Mark IV scope. It has been replaced in the new Remington precision rifle. Now you will get a mid-range Vortex’s scope with the model name Viper PST. Whether you are at hunting, firing range or in a tactical setting, it is fitting for all conditions. This scope accessory is also not heavy on the pocket.


  • In the absence of bottom metal and action, it weighs three pounds
  • Forend width: 2.3 inches
  • Butt width: 1.5 inches
  • Dimensions of Butt-pad: 1.5*1.5 inches
  • Grip angle with respect to bore axis: 60 degree

Apart from all these features, a push button swivel option is given at the rear with three dimpled drilled points.

For various sling options and other accessories, Magpul Hunter 700 are available with multiple M-LOK slots on both sides and the bottom of the fore-end.

It is called affordable precision rifle because all of its aftermarket parts and accessories come in reasonable prices. The precision promised by Remington makes Magpul Hunter 700 a weapon to appreciate and enjoy. And not only just by blasting it, but also with its customization according to your penchant.

780-Yard Test Of Magpul Hunter 700

The rifle has been tested for several of its features in a 780 yard range. The overall results seem to be suboptimal. Since the ammunition used for the test was not of a better quality, therefore a definite verdict can’t be given on its utility.

Regardless of its performance, this Remington precision rifle should be a part of the collections of hunting rifle buffs because it’s a reasonably priced precision rifle.


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