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G&GD Rifle Review – Windham Weaponry SRC



When thinking of a special type of rifle, one of the many options that come to mind is the Windham Weaponry SRC. This gun is created by the Carbon Fiber Division of the company and it has been incorporated with carbon fiber infused polymer for improved AR’s strength. With the newest technology used, this gun has become a favorite amongst gun owners.

History Of Windham Weaponry

This is a gun company that is committed to provide all clients with the best firearms in the USA. To achieve this objective, the company brings the highest quality AR type rifles to the market. This Maine based company has many years of experience in the gun industry and is constantly working harder to provide all gun owners with the best possible rifles available.

After many problems and struggles, the Windham Weaponry was created, as there was a lot of support given to the owner by his friends and family. Everyone was willing to pitch in in order to create a company that would benefit the entire USA. Just like a phoenix, this company took a rise and within the first three months, it began delivering the most perfected versions of rifles. They were executing guns that were high quality, durable, reliable, and accurate and had great value. This was because they lived by the motto, “the quality goes in, before the rifle goes out.”

Reviewing the Windham Weaponry SRC

When discussing the finest quality of AR-15 rifles, the Windham Weaponry is a trusted resource. This is because every time this company creates or modifies a gun, it brings forth the best features and ensures that all the guns provide the buyers with the best shooting experience. In specific, the Windham Weaponry SRC is one of the newest and the most talked about gun.

This gun is for the shooters that want to be able to use their own optics instead of the ones provided by the factory. However, this is not even a quarter of the newest features that this gun offers. This gun has the newest carbine details as Windham Weaponry is always in competition with their own models as well.

Gun Specs

Buyers need to understand that the Windham Weaponry SRC is a semi-automatic rifle that uses gas impingement systems. The barrel length measures up to 16 inches. This gun can shoot .223 and 5.56mm calibers and it has the magazine capacity of up to 30 rounds. There is also a Picatinny rail gas block that is implemented so there is a place where buyers can place their own optics instead of the ones that are pre-installed in the other AR-15 model rifles. This gun has a black hard coat and a metallic finish. In addition, it features a 6-position telescoping butt stock. The best part is that the total weight of the Windham Weaponry SRC is only 6.3 lbs.

Easy To Use With Great Performance

The Windham Weaponry SRC is more comfortable and durable compared to other rifles as it features a carbon fiber infused polymer. The company has done an excellent job with the accuracy of this rifle as it performs remarkably for a gun that only has a 16-inch barrel configuration carbine. However, it does have a bigger kick back compared to the heavy rifles, but it is manageable for those who are frequent shooters. For those who place their own optics, the accuracy and performance will be even better. Those who are proud owners of the Windham Weaponry SRC say that they have never had an experience like this.

Pros and Cons

Although it has been mentioned before, it is necessary for readers to understand that there is a considerably large portion of this gun that is made with the carbon fiber infused polymer rather than with the forged aluminum. The advantage of this rifle is that apart from being lighter than the aluminum rifles, the material that is used to make this has the ability to cool down faster. The hand guard has double heat shields that come in handy when the firing period is extended. AR users are aware that the hand guards have the ability of getting really hot. The downside is that even though it gives buyers the freedom to place their optics, it would be better if it came with factory-built optics.

In conclusion, the Windham Weaponry SRC is a great purchase as it has promised all consumers with great quality and result. This is definitely another great innovation by Windham Weaponry!


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