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Magnum Research Trumps Everyone With Presidential Desert Eagle



Hail to the Chief, baby.

Magnum Research, Inc, maker of the world-famous Desert Eagle pistol and leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, recently unveiled the Presidential Desert Eagle semi-automatic pistol. Just like its inspiration, Donald J. Trump, this bad boy is bigger than life, luxuriously decked out, and ready to trigger. However gun-rights supporters have felt about The Prez’ actions in the past, 2A defenders everywhere are grateful for his recent direction that firearms retailers are critical businesses that should remain open…pandemic or no pandemic.

Each Presidential Desert Eagle starts life as a Magnum Research model DE50SRMB. The barrel is 6 inches long with an integral muzzle brake and rail for optics mounting, and the frame features a rail for additional accessories like a weapon-mounted light. Should you eschew an optic, the pistol features fixed, combat-type iron sights for target acquisition as fast as Trump’s latest hot-take Tweet. The entire gun is made in the United States, from stainless steel. One seven round magazine is included

Naturally, any gun in Trump’s honor has to be the ultimate in luxury! The artists at Outlaw Ordnance ornately engraved the slide and frame with detailed illustrations depicting President Trump, his signature, motto, title, and elegant scrollwork. Within the scrollwork are hidden “Easter eggs” commemorating various achievements throughout his life. The left side of the slide denotes his status as “45th President of the United States.” Polished Hogue aluminum grips contain the Presidential Seal, and images of the Trump family. All metal surfaces on the gun are matte stainless. This beautifully adorned .50AE pistol will be distributed exclusively by Davidson’s Inc., with an MSRP of $3,007.

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It’s the biggest gun, it’s the best.

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