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Magnum Research Showdown: 350 Legend vs. 450 Bushmaster vs. Cinderblocks



That cinderblock is not long for this world.

It’s Monday. Let’s blow some Stuff up.

One of the things that the anti-gunners of the world will never understand (and the reason I believe they are destined to fail) is that shooting is just about the most fun you can have with your pants on–and nobody knows that better than the mad geniuses at Magnum Research, Inc., who are responsible for the creation of the BFR. The B stands for “biggest” and the R stands for “revolver,” and when I check their website it says the “F” is either for “finest,” or “frame,” so I’m happy to announce that we’re going to start this Monday morning off right with two Biggest Finest Revolvers chambered in some Big Fine rifle calibers.

YouTube shooting personality Who Tee Who is no stranger to shooting these huge Finest handguns, nor is he a man afraid to blow some Finest Stuff up. Today, he’s pitting the .350 Legend chambering against .450 Bushmaster–two straight-walled rifle cartridges–and assessing their terminal performance. Naturally, with that massive Finest caliber, ballistic gelatin just isn’t going to do the trick. Instead, Who Tee Who will be using some extra-large Frame cinderblocks as a backstop. Will that be enough? Which caliber will perform the best? Who cares–it’s Monday morning, and that means it’s time to blow some Fine Stuff up with a Big Frame Revolver. Finest yeah!

Why does Magnum Research always have the coolest stuff? We don’t know, but we’re really Finest excited to tell you that our Exotic Tiger $4K Gun & Gear Giveaway is running for three more days! You can win a Magnum Research Desert Eagle in the exotic-tiger camouflage of your dreams, plus all the ammo you’ll ever want to feed that kitty. Click here to enter!


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