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Kershaw Launch 4



I have been really taken by surprise by the Kershaw Launch 4. The launch 4 is a very small push button automatic knife only measuring in at 5 inches fully opened. Kershaw makes this knife small because it allows it to be carried legally in more places like California. The blade is a spear point style and only measures in at about 2 inches. With the knife being so small the blade is very sharp and durable. The steel is CPM 154 which gives the knife corrosion and wear resistance and higher toughness.

The blade also comes with a cerakote coating that gives the knife a very hard and mean looking finish. The handle is made from aluminum and is black anodized which also helps with rust and corrosion resistance and gives the knife a very good look. The knife is very light only weighing in at a little under 2 oz., so if you have big hands or don’t like small knives this blade may not be your speed. One attribute I love about this knife is the action. This blade comes with a push button start I like to call it. The action button is red, doesn’t everyone know that you always must press the red button! Even in its small package the Launch 4 packs a hefty punch. As soon as you press the button that blade is coming and coming hard. I personally love very strong and smooth actions on knives, and the Launch 4 does not disappoint. The action hits so hard if you don’t have a good grip on the knife, it feels like it will fly right out of your hand. I don’t know how Kershaw did it, but it is amazing how such a small knife packs such a big punch. The knife also comes with a single-position pocket clip.

One of the problems I had with this knife is right out of the box the pocket clip was lose, and after a couple carries the finish had already been scraped off. I tried to tighten it repeatedly, but it kept loosening. Beyond that this knife is great for an EDC knife. This knife is made in the USA and does feel and work like a high-quality knife. After testing it I gave it to my father, and he has not had one complaint about it (except the pocket clip issue). The blade has not dulled one time in the full month my father has carried it. I do have wide hands and this knife really isn’t my speed, but when I did carry it, the knife never failed.

This knife is great for cutting boxes, opening envelopes, or just using it, this knife is great for a low-end high-quality knife that you can just put through anything. This knife really blew me away with its amazing action and durability. If you are looking for a small everyday carry knife that has a powerful action and stays sharp the Launch 4 could be a great next purchase for you.


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