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Since getting the CRKT® LCK+, I have carried it often. It soon became one of the first things I put in my pocket right after my phone. The knife has assisted opening with the IKBS™ ball bearing pivot that gives the blade a very quick and smooth action. The LCK is very light only weighing in at a little over 2 oz. and is very easy to operate. Sometimes it is so light you forget you have it in your pocket. The knife comes with a glass reinforced nylon handle. The handle is very durable and lightweight.

The LCK is a great first carry knife for anyone. The blade is 8Cr13 and is very sharp. This steel is very strong and offers higher resistance to rust. The blade is a little over 3 inches long and has a design that is very close to a bowie. The blade is very sharp and holds an edge very well. To test the durability of this carry knife I put it through the ringer. I have cut branches, bob wire, and spliced electrical wire. Not one time did the knife break, crack, or chip. I did have to sharpen it after a few months of use, but that is normal, and it sharpens very easily.

The LCK also comes with a low-profile deep carry pocket clip. The pocket clip holds the knife all the way in your pocket with very little knife showing. This is a great add on because not only does it lower the number of snags it also lowers the chances of hitting your knife on obstacles. The clip holds tight but also is very smooth to remove from your pocket. The knife also comes with a liner lock. I personally like liner locks because they don’t get in the way of the grip like a frame lock does. CRKT does a great job with all their liner locks and the LCK is a great example of this. The LCK’s liner lock is so easy to disengage you can close the knife easily with just one hand.

One of CRKT’s main speaking points about this knife is the low-profile while being carried. The deep carry pocket clip keeps it deep in your pocket where it can’t be seen, and the handle isn’t very thick, so it doesn’t print in your pocket. The LCK has become one of my favorite knives to carry. I love how light and easy it is to carry. I could put the knife in my pocket along with my phone and wallet and still have room left over. That’s what makes the LCK special, it is a perfect size for an everyday carry knife, great steel, and you don’t break the bank buying it. If you love to carry a good quality knife that has EDC and self-defense applications and still have enough room in your pocket for the rest of your everyday carry items, the LCK by CRKT would be a great next purchase for you.


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