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JPFO: Joe Biden Doesn’t Want to License Guns, He Wants to License YOU



If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. -George Orwell

Jews for Protection of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) are issuing an urgent call that all gun owners, regardless of race or creed, should heed: Joe Biden isn’t interested in controlling guns. He is interested in controlling you. As the 2020 presidential election goes into its final stretch, JPFO would like to voters to know that Joe Biden’s “gun control” plan is all about licensing. However, Joe Biden doesn’t want to license guns, he wants to license gun owners. What’s more, his plan to do that violates the Bill of Rights up, down, and sideways.

The idiocy of this bill is in plain English, for all to see.

None of this is based on tea-leaf-reading. This is a plain reading of his plan, which is now in both houses of Congress. It would require current and future gun owners to pass psychology and character tests to continue owning the firearms they already legally possess. When asked, legal experts have been unable to describe how this would be legal. Nor has Biden commented. America had 100 million gun owners by most estimates before the Coronavirus pandemic; that number has grown dramatically by sales to people terrified amidst urban rioting. That’s a lot of people whose innermost secrets Joe Biden would like to know before he lets them exercise their Second Amendment rights.

When JPFO talks about Joe Biden’s plan to license gun owners, this is what they mean. The first line of the identical bills, HR5717 and S3254, requires a federal license for any American to legally “purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammunition.” To obtain this license you would need to prove to unelected officials that you are of “sound mind and character.” You must prove that you do not “potentially create a risk to public safety,” and you meet “any other requirements the State determines relevant.” No standards or guidelines are provided.

What could possibly go wrong with such a plan? Uh, pretty much everything.

Assuming anyone could qualify, authorities, “make a determination of suitability,” for your possession and ownership of firearms, including any you currently own. Orthodox Rabbi Raziel Cohen, the “Tactical Rabbi,” says, “This outrageous usurpation of power, and affront to the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment could never pass muster at the U.S. Supreme Court.”

What this would mean is that gun owners would need to prove to unelected bureaucrats that they fit some nebulous definition of “sanity.” That may not sound so terrible on its face, but let’s remember what the anti-gun contingent thinks of as “common sense.” Essentially, this would mean that all existing guns would be subject to confiscation more or less on a whim should their owners be engaging in this week’s version of thoughtcrime.

It’s probably for the best that poor George Orwell passed on several decades ago. No doubt the 2020 American presidential election would have haunted him the way his novel, 1984, haunts us.




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