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Important Tips For Speed Loading Stripper Clips



If you take shooting for a sport, you might know the importance of loaded stripper clips. If you ask a person who likes to shoot the time he actually spends shooting on a range, he’d say about 30% of the total time. Where does the remaining 70% of the time go? Well, it seems the major chunk of your total shooting time goes into loading stripper clips and magazines.

Reloading magazines with stripper clips in the middle of shooting at the range is tedious. It’s downright boring and it kills the mood. People have started to believe that stripper clips are useless and a huge time waste in the shooting sport. Don’t you think it’s only fair that there’s a better and quicker way of loading stripper clips? Here we discuss some good tips to save you from the trouble of loading stripper clips in the middle of a round while you’re at a shooting range.

The Importance Of Loading Stripper Clips

There was a time when loading guns and your firearms was a matter of life and death. Obviously, you had to be quicker than your enemy at this task so you can aim and shoot at him first. Stripper clips make it a quicker process for you to shoot, provided they’re loaded beforehand. Stripper clips hold the rounds of your shooting together and makes it easier for you to reload the gun. A standard stripper clip can give you 10 rounds of straight shooting. If you have 10 loaded stripper clips, you have 100 rounds of non-stop shooting.

Loading Stripper Clips

People who shoot think that stripper clips are nothing but a time waste. It’s far much quicker and wiser to load a magazine directly, rather than loading the stripper clips first and then feeding them into the gun magazine. Well the wise idea is to load your stripper clips before you go for shooting. Spend your spare time that you have on your hands, like at home while watching TV, to load your clips and magazines and then go shoot. In the end, using stripper clips to feed the magazines is more useful because it allows you to shoot more rounds.

Here are the steps that you need to take in order to load your stripper clip:

1- Inserting Bullets In a Clip

One standard stripper clip can hold 10 rounds for you. What you need to do is to close the tab at one end of the stripper clip and keep the other one open. Now you take a bullet and slide it into the clip from the open tab. You need to make sure the bullet has slid all the way against the closed tab of the clip at the other end. You need to repeat inserting the bullets nine more times and when you’re done, you have a loaded stripper clip that’s ready to be fed into your gun magazine.

2- Using a Speed Loader (Also Called a Spoon)

There is an accessory to your shooting firearm that is called speed loader. It also goes by the name of spoon or a charger. What speed loader does is that it takes in the whole loaded stripper clip of 10 rounds into it and fits into the magazine. Basically, speed loader is used to feed the magazines. When you have to load the magazines, just insert the loaded stripper clip into the speed loader and close the open tab of your stripper clip from where you inserted the bullets.

3- Loading a Magazine With Stripper Clip

This is something which makes your thumb go sore on the range. This is what that takes the longest time to reload your guns and other shooting firearms. Loading a magazine requires you to use your thumbs and push the stripper clip into the magazine hard with your thumb. What most of the people do is that they use a table to exert pressure on the stripper clip to get into the magazine, but you won’t find a table at a range so you need to practice it with your thumb. You can load as many stripper clips as you want into the magazine depending on the size of the magazine of your gun.


The bottom line is that you can shoot with or without stripper clips. People argue shooting without stripper clips is quicker, but the fact is that if you prepare your stripper clips and magazines in your spare time, then there’s nothing like shooting with the loaded rounds of your stripper clips. It gives you more time in the range shooting than reloading your mags.



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