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8 Types Of Guns That Will Keep You Alive – Even On Doomsday!



If you’re one of those doomsday preppers getting ready for the imminent apocalypse, you know that you must get your hands on the best items, and stockpile them in your bunker, to survive the upheaval. However, you should be aware that water and food are not enough, as there will come a time when you’ll have to defend yourself, and hunt for survival. For this, you need an arsenal of guns in your doomsday bunker!

Types Of Guns That Will Keep You Alive

You can get your hands on all kinds of guns and stock them in your bunker, basement or armory. But is there any guarantee that they’ll help in keeping you alive? Sure you have a lot of assault rifles and handguns, but would they be effective in specific conditions, like for example, close quarters?

In this article, we’ll share with you a few guns that will keep you alive on doomsday. So, after reading this, go to your nearest weapon store and start stockpiling these bad boys.

The Rifles

Two things make rifles great: versatile protection and perimeter. For doomsday, you’ll need long range rifles and assault rifles. Assault rifles can fire hundreds of rounds per second, which makes them good for controlling crowd. Meanwhile, you can secure your perimeter with long range rifles; those bullets and scope can inflict some serious damage from a long range. Some of the rifles that are best for doomsday are:


No firearm has enjoyed the publicity and fame of the assault rifle commonly known as the Kalashnikov or AK-47. No matter how extreme the conditions are, you’ll still be able to fire with this weapon. Of course, if you need parts or accessories you can always stock up here. Talk about reliability!

Ruger 10/22

Ruger 10/22 is best for small and medium-range combat, which makes it good for survival. It’s really quiet as well, so you can annihilate preys without alarming anyone else near your survival bunker.

Henry AR-7

When it comes to survival rifles for long range, Henry AR-7 is the beast. Its power, although does not beat Ruger, overtakes that of the other rifles. The stock of Henry does not allow water to come inside, which means that you can easily carry magazines, barrels and receivers in it.

The Handguns

Doomsday preppers must have handguns with them if they wish to come out of it alive. Handguns can be easily concealed in a purse or bag, or holstered around the waist. Check out some handguns that can keep you alive on doomsday.

Glock 36

Don’t judge this pistol by its size! This small piece packs a strong punch with its bullet of 0.45 calibers. It’s really small and weighs only 27 ounces (full mag), which makes it great for counteracting ambush.

Glock 17

If you need something bigger, Glock 17 is the big brother of Glock 36. It is popular among policemen and law enforcers. It’s a little heavier than Glock 36, but the heavy design is perfect to handle the recoil.

P226| Sig Sauer

Policemen and other law enforcers usually carry around this gun, so you can be sure that it has some serious firepower, despite its size. It’s very light and compact, weighing only about 34 ounces (full mag).

The Shotguns

If doomsday comes, we can expect a lot of chaos, and without a shot gun at your disposal, you cannot expect to survive the apocalypse. For instance, you’re grabbing supplies and these hoodlums/zombies suddenly come at you. You’ll need to inflict some serious damage to annihilate them, and for that, shotgun is ideal. A single shell can obliterate multiple attackers up-close, so you’ll be able to end the threat before it eliminates you.

590 Mariner

590 Mariner- a 12-gauge shotgun that can carry nine shots – is a must in the list of guns that will keep you alive on doomsday. It includes both full stock and pistol grip, which makes it ideal for tight or closed spaces.

Remington 870

Now, if you’re looking for something that’s even more reliable, and more powerful than the Mariner, Remington 870 is sure to meet your need. Its pump-action and ability to hold seven shells make it perfect for self-defense and hunting.

The Final Word

That’s it! Now you know the 8 guns that will keep you alive if doomsday ever comes. The reason these guns have made it to the list is because they’ll help you protect yourself and family members from harm and neutralize or eliminate potential threats. If you have these weapons you’ll be able to survive doomsday, so start getting them right now!



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