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How (& Why) You Should Use a Thyrm Switchback in Your EDC Kit



When is a weapon-mounted light not a weapon-mounted light? When it’s a SwitchBack!

One of the most contentious debates in the world of concealed-carry and self-defense is whether one’s Every-Day Carry (EDC) rig should or should not include a weapon-mounted light. Some folks on the “pro” side would like to remind us that most defensive gun uses are going to happen in low-light conditions, and that we should plan for that by mounting a light on our firearm. On the “con” side, many folks prefer to carry a separate flashlight. The Thyrm SwitchBack 2.0 bridges that gap by giving you a way to keep your EDC light ready to be “married” to your firearm if and when it’s time to need it. Does that sound complicated? It’s not…check out this video featuring defensive expert Aaron Cowan that demonstrates just how simple a SwitchBack can be to add to your low-light defensive strategy.

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What else could you want to defend your castle?

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