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Grizzly Heart: N82 Tactical’s “The Revenant” IWB Holster



Hugh Glass only wishes.

With the right holster and gun combination, every man and woman has the heart of a grizzly.

In the recent hit movie The Revenant, which portrays the real historical events in the life of Hugh Glass, we were all reminded of the indomitable spirit that formed the foundations of America…and The Revenant IWB holster from N8 Tactical was christened in honor of that spirit. If you’re not familiar with the story, Glass, after having survived a grizzly-bear attack, essentially “rose from the dead” to get revenge on those who had left him there to die. Chances are very good that you’ll never have to face what Glass did, but just in case…why not have the very best EDC kit at your side?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new holster, including comfort, retention, and ease of draw, and the Revenant IWB Holster by N8 Tactical has all three. It features many of the things that you look for in a quality holster including: adjustable cant, firearm-specific pocket, combat cut backer, and positive retention, all mounted on the most comfortable backer in the industry.

Whether you’re carrying a Sig P365, S&W M&P9 Shield, or one of 100s of other handguns the firearm Specific Polycarbonate pocket is designed for YOUR firearm. Not only is the pocket engineered to offer a superior fit, the Polycarbonate pocket is made from an incredibly durable material ensuring that your holster will last a lifetime.

The durable leather surface of the backer will not mar or scratch your firearm while providing a clean and smooth surface to draw from. The middle layer of the backer features a moisture-proof neoprene core, which not only protects your firearm from sweat and body oils, but also offers a compression cushion to keep the firearm from pushing into your body. Last but not least, the body side of the backer features a layer of ultra-comfortable suede–the finishing touch to the most comfortable holster backer on the market.

The Secure Twist Release Retention System ensures that your firearm will stay secure enough to provide proper retention while allowing for a smooth, worry-free draw. The system features a small modification to the pocket that secures your firearm, while being easily released with a minor twist of the wrist. The Revenant holster is part of N8 Tactical’s “Two Week, Try it Free” program, and covered by a lifetime warranty; if you’d like to purchase one of your own, you can find them here.

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