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Hoplophobia: The Disease CDC’s Trying to Spread



Sadly, there’s no cure for stupid.

Hoplophobia“: An irrational, overwhelming fear of firearms that renders the sufferer helpless to resist B.S. The good news is that the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has the vaxx.


A new report from the Centers for Disease Control focusing on a spike in gun-related violence pulls data out of context and demonstrates how the CDC is “up to its old tricks” under the Biden administration, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“All violent crime was up in 2020, the year on which the CDC research focused,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “But the CDC, which is not a crime control agency, has an unhealthy fixation on trying to make guns the issue, turning the Second Amendment into a public health problem.

“The CDC report showing gun-related deaths is alarming,” he added, “but even more alarming is the return of the CDC under Joe Biden’s administration to its assumed role as a gun control advocacy agency. This is why gun owners support legislation to keep the CDC out of anything remotely connected to firearms policy.”

Gottlieb pointed to data from the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2020 showing an estimated 5.6 percent increase in violent crime over 2019. Aggravated assaults were up by 12.1 percent, and murder and non-negligent manslaughter were up by more than 29 percent, including crimes where guns were not involved. In any given year, he noted, more people are murdered with knives, blunt objects and even hands and feet than are killed with rifles of any kind, yet gun prohibitionists will use CDC data to push for bans on certain types of rifles.

“Maybe the real public health threat are people who commit violent crimes,” Gottlieb suggested. “We don’t see the CDC working on a cure for all the problems that contribute to the uptick in violent crime, such as demonizing and defunding police agencies, reducing police manpower, despair over the economy and rising inflation under Joe Biden, the emotional pressures of job loss and homelessness; all of these factors play into the dilemma. Spotlighting guns is not going to provide a solution, but only a scapegoat to advance a gun control agenda.

“It is no wonder more Americans are buying guns for personal and family protection,” he continued. “And just like clockwork, here comes the CDC with research focusing on guns that appears tailor-made for the gun prohibition lobby’s crusade to add even more restrictions on a constitutionally-protected right. At a time when violent crime is on the rise, we should not be considering new ways to disarm the public.”

“This year,” Gottlieb observed, “courageous, common-sense lawmakers in four states have adopted ‘Constitutional carry’ laws that will allow citizens to arm themselves against violent criminals without having to wait to obtain a concealed carry permit or license. We now have 25 of the 50 states with permitless carry laws, and we nearly had two more—Florida and Nebraska—so let this be a signal to the gun control crowd. People are willing to defend themselves and fight back, because they do not care to become a statistic in some future CDC report.”

The CDC report also noted a slight increase in firearm-related suicide, a subject Gottlieb is very familiar with. Four years ago, he championed a suicide prevention pilot project in Washington State, helping to secure funding for study and intervention, and enlisting the aid of gun shops, gun ranges and firearms instructors and experts.

“The firearms community has stepped up to the plate,” he said. “We’ve advocated for policies that work, and we fight to protect the right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. Gun taxes, gun buy-backs and gun bans don’t work, haven’t worked and will continue not working. It’s time for a different approach.”



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  5. oldmaninAL

    May 13, 2022 at 7:36 pm

    Criminals by definition, are those who chose to ignore the law.We outlawed murder and armed, or strong arm robbery long ago. What on Earth makes the disarmament crowd think more laws will suddenly make those who would prey upon those they deem as weaker or unable to fight back, stop being violent?

  6. Dave

    May 13, 2022 at 5:35 pm

    “If gun laws in fact worked, the sponsors of this type of legislation should have no difficulty drawing upon long lists of examples of criminal acts reduced by such legislation. That they cannot do so after a century and a half of trying – that they must sweep under the rug the southern attempts at gun control in the 1870-1910 period, the northeastern attempts in the 1920-1939 period, the attempts at both Federal and State levels in 1965-1976 – establishes the repeated, complete and inevitable failure of gun laws to control serious crime.”—Orrin Hatch(R.I.P.)

    “Without either the first or second amendment, we would have no liberty; the first allows us to find out what’s happening, the second allows us to do something about it! The second will be taken away first, followed by the first and then the rest of our freedoms.”—Unknown

    I can remember 0bama enlisting the CDC to do a study and write a report on ‘gun-control’. He scraped it after he found out the CDC’s study found the opposite of what he wanted.

  7. Ghost

    May 13, 2022 at 10:01 am

    The Evil at the Top are afraid of the Patriots at the bottom.

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