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Get In the Kahr, Loser–We’re Going to the Tactical Games!




Your buddies pull up, roll the window down, and tell you it’s time for some fun…

Part of the reason why Kahr Arms sponsors the Tactical Games is for the same reason Aston-Martin sponsors the Grand Prix: Because you just can’t know how sweet the ride is until you try it for yourself. We’ve just learned that, COVID-19 or no, Tactical Games events are taking place nationwide and open to amateur shooters and law enforcement alike. Dates have been set, and prize packages from Kahr and sponsors are waiting to be won at the 2020 Tactical Games.

I’m more of a weekend warrior than an operator…can I shoot,too?

Yes, indeed. The Tactical Games have brackets for shooters of any skill level and athletic ability, because the Tactical Games are more than just a place for MOLLE-clad operator types to put their high-speed, low-drag gear through its paces. The Tactical Games are a venue for shooters to practice their skills as well as meet like-minded people. Competitive shooting events are among the best ways to do that–because, after all, even the most dedicated shooter gets just a little more serious when there are prizes and bragging rights on the line. That’s where Kahr’s sponsorship of the Tactical Games gets even more exciting, because there’s a collector’s garage-full of Kahrs just begging to be captured.

Did someone say prizes?

This year Kahr will contribute a variety of firearms for event prizes, including the custom Tig Edition ST9 pistol with Kryptek and Cerakote finish, and engraved Beyond the Battlefield logo. The Auto-Ordnance brand provided American-made Auto-Ordnance model 1911 pistols, a faithful reproduction of the original GI handguns. Last, but not least, Kahr Arms has donated some Magnum Research Desert Eagle handguns.

How can I get in on that sponsored-shooter thing?

Kahr Firearms Group sponsors a number of Tactical Games competitors, including company employees and members of the Kahr Pro Staff. Jodi DePorter, Director of Marketing for Kahr Firearms Group, recently spoke about Kahr’s ongoing support for the Tactical Games saying, “Kahr believes strongly in shooters developing skills at tactical and self-defense shooting. We are also expanding our presence in the world of competitive shooting! If you are interested in being a Kahr sponsored competitor, please contact us at”

Want to register, or just learn more? Click here!

Upcoming Tactical Games dates

8/29-30 North Springs Shooting Range, UT

9/12-13 The Range Complex, NC

11/13-15 National Championship at JTAC Ranch, FL

ORRRR…you could just win a Kahr right now!

Naturally, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that you can win a Kahr Arms K9 25th Anniversary Edition Handgun right now without firing a single shot…with our Home Defense $3K Gun & Gear Giveaway! It runs through August 29, and features loads of other awesome prizes like a home steel-target system from Action Target, a free membership to the Personal Defense Network and more. Click here to enter!


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