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Don’t Forget Fido: GunDog Outdoors Field Trauma Kit



The latest product from GunDog Outdoors, the Field Trauma Kit for hunting dogs, was designed by professional waterfowl hunter and firefighter/EMT Alex Langbell. He designed this kit specifically for working dogs and hunting dogs. With over 36 years of hunting dog experience and 25 years as an Emergency Medical Technician, Alex has seen and treated almost every type of injury that can happen to a hunting dog (and human).

The GunDog Outdoors Field Trauma Kit, which was recently awarded the Editor’s Choice award for Wildfowl magazine, is perfect for any kind of traumatic injury that can happen to a dog. This kit will treat cuts, abrasions, bleeding, puncture wounds, sprains/strains, eye injuries, thorns and quills, hyperthermia (heat exhaustion), hypothermia (cold weather exposure), which is one of the biggest health risks of waterfowling.

The kit also includes a tourniquet specifically designed and used by police canine officers, and a blood clotting granulate packet which is the same substance used by combat medics. Unlike many of the pet aid kits out on the market, the equipment included in the Gundog Outdoors Field Trauma Kit is US medical grade–the kind used by first responders across the country.

In fact, you can use the equipment to treat any injury a human may incur. Also included is a veterinarian approved Emergency Field Trauma Guide to quickly reference and treat any injury that may occur, even someone who is not medically trained. The kit is made of waterproof material and almost everything in the kit is waterproof. The kit fits in most blind bags and designed to be able to be attached to a belt or slide into a hunting vest.

MSRP $54; Click here.


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