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CZ Introduces New Gas-Less Semi-Auto Shotgun



Now THAT’s camouflage!

Now here’s some interesting news for target shooters, hunters, and home defenders: CZ-USA has just introduced a new gas-less semi-automatic shotgun, the CZ 1012. Rather than redirecting gas from the barrel to run the action, the 1012 uses a bolt spring to store energy during recoil, then expend it a split second later to withdraw the spent shell. This interesting twist on semi-auto operation means less maintenance and more ka-booms. Unlike gas guns, which require reglar cleaning and oiling to keep the piston and magazine tube functional, you can basically treat this shotgun like a rented mule.

The folks at CZ don’t make this claim lightly. According to them, their extensive testing included a 5,000-round torture test…without a drop of oil or any cleaning of any kind. Despite this brutal treatment, none of the (many) test shotguns suffered a single break or malfunction. (Try that with your standard gas-operated shotgun! Actually, no, please don’t.)

Better still, this new gas-less system  is tuned to run a wider variety of shells found on the US market, from light-recoiling target loads up to super-hot 3-inch magnum loads. You can break clays using target loads one day, and turn around the next day for some goose hunting, knowing your CZ 1012 will effortlessly cycle those heavy-duty waterfowl loads.

The CZ 1012 also features a 28-inch barrel and has optional furniture, which can be shimmied for the perfect fit. Shooters can choose from a finely checkered buttstock and forend made from Turkish walnut, or a rugged polymer set. The cross-bolt safety is located at the front of the trigger guard, making it equally easy to operate for left- and right-handed shooters. The ample trigger guard allows for gloved fingers, and the shotgun holds 4+1 shells. Each CZ 1012 comes with five extra-long extended chokes to fit any shooting need, and the gun is available with a Black, Bronze or Grey receiver or a full camo option is available too.

Hunting or recreational shooting, the CZ 1012 has you covered at a price your accountant will love. MSRP is $659-$749, depending on finish. Click here to read more, or to find a dealer near you!



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