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Cyclops Says: Save an Eye, Run Burris’ RT-6 Tactical Kit



Eye relief is a lot more than turning off “The View.” Just ask Cyclops …

The Burris RT-6 Tactical Kit was created for shooters like you. Shooters who run an AR-15 and know they don’t need 6X magnification to do it. Shooters who want to get into 3-Gun without spending thousands. Shooters with two eyes. Wait, what? Well, part of what makes the RT-6 Tactical Kit different from other reflex optics is that it’s got a specialized mount that allows you to put the optic further forward on the Picatinny rail of an AR-15 than other mounts do. If you’ve ever earned yourself a nice scope bite, you know why that’s important. If you haven’t, well, let the guy who goes by Cyclops (you should like and subscribe) explain to you why! In this great review, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the Burris RT-6, including the ease of installation and the terrific, instinctive sight picture it gives you. MSRP $695;

Want to win one just like it? Of course you do! Here’s how …

A Web of Eldritch Lightning Ignites the Sky, Arcing to the Heart of … Our Monster Giveaway!

Lub-dub, lub-dub … it’s alive! They said it couldn’t be done, but The Survive the Braindead III $13K Guns & Gear Giveaway has burst its chains, and our creation is about to be your zombie salvation. Our most awesome Halloween giveaway yet, Survive the Braindead III stars an astonishing array of five firearms–two of which are custom-coated by our own XDMAN with a one-of-a-kind zombie survival skin: APF Armory 300 PRC 24″ AR-style rifle, Magnum Research Desert Eagle Pistol  in .50 AE, Tactical Life Duty Series AR Pistol, Pioneer Arms Hellpup Pistol, and a Mossberg 590 Chainsaw tactical shotgun, as well as ammo to feed them all courtesy of Two Birds Outdoors. (Prefer your zombies in smaller bits? There’s an actual custom-coated chainsaw, too.) Just in case your zombies are attracted by sound, we have two tactical crossbows: one from Wicked Ridge, and one from Steambow. Rounding out this epic giveaway is a Burris tactical optic, a $500 gift card from CrossBreed Holsters, an AR takedown tool from AR-TT, and last (but not least), Undead Fred, your zombie target extraordinaire from Delta McKenzie.

This giveaway begins right now, and runs through midnight Central time October 31, 2022! Entering is easy and free. Just click here, provide your contact information, and get ready to survive the braindead once more!


APF 300 PRC 24″ Proof Carbon Fiber MLR

300 PRC 24″ Proof Carbon Fiber MLR


Magnum Research Desert Eagle, .50 AE, Stainless
Magnum Research

Desert Eagle, .50 AE, Stainless

Desert Eagle® Mark XIX Pistol, .50 AE, Stainless Steel with Picatinny Bottom Rail, Weaver Style Top Rail, Black Appointments
6″ barrel, 7 round magazine

Wicked Ridge Wicked Ridge NXT 400
Wicked Ridge

Wicked Ridge NXT 400

The Narrowest and Most Accurate Wicked Ridge Crossbow Ever.

An ultra-narrow 6-inches wide, the NXT 400 is designed by hunting crossbow leader TenPoint and unleashes devastating speeds at 400 feet-per-second with jaw-dropping kinetic-energy, and match-grade downrange accuracy. At 400 feet-per-second with a 400-grain arrow, the NXT 400 is the best hunting crossbow TenPoint has ever made under the Wicked Ridge name.

Tactical Life Duty Series Pistol 10.5
Tactical Life

Duty Series Pistol 10.5

Gunprime Pioneer Arms Hellpup Polish AK 7.62X39 30 Round AK47 Pistol Draco

Pioneer Arms Hellpup Polish AK 7.62X39 30 Round AK47 Pistol Draco

The Polish Hellpup AK-47 pistol features smooth bolt and rivet work that is tremendous, and provides factory made quality to the shooter. Each pistol ships complete with original Polish Made 30-Round Mags. The pistol utilizes a proprietary Krinkov style muzzle break, rear sight notch on sliding tangent, front post sights, black synthetic upper and lower hand guards, and pistol grip.

Mossberg 590 Chainsaw

590 Chainsaw

Reliability. Maneuverability. Compact Storage. When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, Mossberg and Maverick pumps can’t be beat. Ruggedly built and simple to operate, and with a pistol grip and short barrel, Cruiser models offer ease of navigation in tight and confined spaces.

Burris RT-6 Tactical Kit

RT-6 Tactical Kit

The RT-6 Tactical Kit is an RT-6 scope, FastFire 3 and P.E.P.R.™ mount. It makes for an outstanding kit for people just getting into 3-Gun or tactical shooting. The RT-6 is tearing up 3-Gun competitions everywhere, thanks to a great feature set: forgiving eye-box, compact scope length, true 1x, built-in throw levers, and great competition reticle.

XDMan Cerakoted Chainsaw

Cerakoted Chainsaw

Modified and painted chainsaw. (Not in functioning condition)

Crossbreed Holsters Gift Certificate
Crossbreed Holsters

Gift Certificate

Use this gift card to go shopping at

Two Birds Outdoors Winchester 12 Gauge Double X 2-3/4″ 00 Buck 9 Pellets 1450fps 250 Round Case
Two Birds Outdoors

Winchester 12 Gauge Double X 2-3/4″ 00 Buck 9 Pellets 1450fps 250 Round Case

Winchester 12 Gauge Double X 2-3/4″ 00 Buck 9 Pellets 1450fps 250 Round Case

Double X Ammunition provides ultimate high-velocity, knock-down performance in the field. With copper plated hard buckshot for long-range performance, Double X has been trusted by generations of hunters who demand quality and consistency.

Two Birds Outdoors Winchester Lake City 5562 USA 5.56x45mm NATO 62 Grain Full Metal Jacket 1000 ROUNDS
Two Birds Outdoors

Winchester Lake City 5562 USA 5.56x45mm NATO 62 Grain Full Metal Jacket 1000 ROUNDS

Winchester USA ammunition was developed to provide excellent performance at an affordable price for the high volume shooter. Featuring high quality Winchester components, this ammunition delivers outstanding reliability. This ammunition is loaded with a full metal jacket bullet which is known for its postive functioning and exceptional accuracy. On impact this bullet does not expand and is ideal for target shooting. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in reloadable brass cases

Steambow AR-6 II Stinger Tactical

AR-6 II Stinger Tactical

Ultra light, very easy to handle, with an extremely fast rate of fire and more than enough power for all applications, that’s our new AR-6 Stinger II. Its performance makes it probably the best tactical crossbow in the world.

Delta McKenzie Targets Undead Fred ™ Zombie 3D Archery Target
Delta McKenzie Targets

Undead Fred ™ Zombie 3D Archery Target

Undead Fred, a life-like zombie 3D target, is sure to be a hit with archers of all ages. This hand-sculpted target is made with self-healing FlexFoam to stand up to numerous shots with arrow stopping capability and easy arrow extraction. FlexFoam also offers a great balance of durability and economy. Add some life to your target collection with Undead Fred.

AR-TT AR-Takedown Tool AR-TT ™

AR-Takedown Tool AR-TT ™

We are a company based in the PNW and have always been involved in the firearm and ammo market. We designed the AR Takedown Tool ™ specifically to eliminate the disassembly and reassembly of your AR platformed firearm. We then realized it works with MANY other guns too. We collaborated with the team at HIT tool, implementing their Hammerless Impact Technology ™ into our design, and came up with this revolutionary tool. The AR-TT, also known as the AR Takedown Tool ™, is the fast, easy, and safe way to remove your firearm pin.


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