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1791 Gunleather: How to Choose the Best Gun Belt



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How to Choose the Perfect Gun Belt 

-Andy H.

Not wearing a gun bealt is risky. From dropping your handgun to shooting yourself due to improper trigger safety, ignoring a belt isn’t a great look – and certainly irresponsible for a gun owner.

You know that a gun belt is important for carrying your handgun, but what goes into it?

There are many different styles and materials to choose from.

This article will help you determine which suits both function AND fashion needs.

Here’s how to choose a gun belt!

Some of the considerations for choosing the right gun belt include:

  • Holster size
  • Holster and gun weight
  • Waist size
  • Environment

Comparing options also requires a closer look at materials, thickness, and price.

A gun belt is an essential accessory for handgun owners.

Whether you carry it inside the waistband, outside the waistband, or small of the back, a gun belt helps keep your holster in place.

Gun Belt Material: What Should Your Belt Be Made With?

Manufacturers typically make gun belts from leather or nylon.

Nylon gun belts are sometimes cheaper than leather belts – but nylon is more prone to snags, general wear and tear, stretching, and general discomfort compared to leather.

A high-quality leather belt can last a lifetime, gradually come to form around the shape of your holster and your body, and become way more comfortable than nylon.

A leather belt is likely to provide greater support and a more discreet option compared to nylon.

Choosing a Gun Belt Based on Your Environment

Your environment plays a role when choosing a gun belt, as some materials do not work as well in certain settings.

For example, nylon belts may become saturated when exposed to rain, moisture, sunlight, or other elements.

If you choose leather for a humid environment, make sure you go with full-grain leather.

Full-grain leather is a naturally moisture-resistant material and will not dry and crack.

Gun Belt Thickness

The thickness of your belt determines its level of support.

A thinner belt allows your holster to sag and becomes stretched, while a thicker belt keeps both in place (which is the main purpose of a gun belt, after all!)

Gun Belt Width

Most holsters are made to fit belts measuring about 1.5 inches wide.

Some belts come in 1.25-inch or 1.75-inch sizes.

A thinner belt may work better with slacks but lacks the reinforcement of a 1.5-inch belt.

A 1.75-inch belt is less likely to fit the loops of most pairs of pants.

Gun Belt Price

You can get a lower-quality nylon belt for about $10 to $20.

Some leather gun belt companies will charge upwards of $200 bucks for their leather belts – which aren’t even made from full-grain leather.

Our leather gun belts go for around $60 bucks – but come with a lifetime warranty.

Gun Belt Length

The optimal length of the gun belt is determined by looking at your waist size plus how you carry.

You typically want to wear a belt that measures four inches longer than your normal pant size.

For example, if you normally wear size 38-inch pants, you may want a 42-inch belt.

1791 Gunleather Gun Belt

The 1791 Gunleather Gun Belt offers the right combination of the features discussed above. You get a durable belt at a reasonable price. Some of the main features of the belt include:

  • Strong full-grain leather
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Measures 1.5 inches wide
  • Steel buckle with a standard hole
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

1791 Gunleather makes belts only from full-grain, premium leather from the top layer of the hide. The leather is not treated, which helps preserve its strength. The leather will never snag, break, or stretch. It is also resistant to moisture.

Customers also love the durability of the gun belt. It includes reinforced stitching and a steel buckle to hold up to daily use. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the belt for a refund.

Final Thoughts

A gun belt is not something that first-time gun owners may think to purchase but remains necessary for concealed carry or open carry. Compared to regular belts, gun belts are often stiffer and thicker, which helps keep your holster in place.

Thick, leather gun belts, such as the 1791 Gunleather gun belt, prevent your firearm from shifting as you move. These belts can also make it easier to keep your firearm concealed, as you know that it will not move from its position.

No matter the type of gun belt you ultimately choose, remember to select the right length. You will experience extra discomfort if the belt is too tight. If it’s too long, you can add a notch as needed.


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