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BREAKING NEWS: FK BRNO to Release Polymer-Frame PSD Pistol



The original retailed for $7,500. This one is for the people.

FK BRNO’s new PSD makes the FK BRNO field pistol affordable…and that’s big news.

When the 7.5 FK Field Pistol was released by Czech gunmaker FK BRNO in 2017, its innovative and ground-breaking design and caliber got plenty of attention…but for many American consumers, it was little more than a novelty. Part of the reason why is that only about 1,000 of them were sent to the American FK BRNO distributor for sale on our shores; part of the reason why was that the price was simply out of many people’s budgets. That said, rumors have circulated for some time that FK BRNO wasn’t done with the platform, and here at Guns & Gadgets Daily we’re in a position to confirm that’s true. Tomorrow, FK BRNO will make a major announcement introducing their new PSD, which is very similar to the steel-framed and expensive original. Although this new single-action semi-automatic handgun will offer all of the same cool features and functionality, it will do so in a polymer frame, it will ship with a 9mm conversion barrel…and all for about $5,500 less than the original.

Here’s what we know so far. The original 7.5 FK Field Pistol was designed based on the CZ-75 platform, but with some truly unique features. First, the version marketed for law-enforcement agencies comes with a lightweight minimalist folding stock that can be attached to the magwell. (You can purchase one as a civilian, but you’d need to register the handgun with the BATFE as a short-barreled rifle. Naturally, it seems that a “stabilizing brace” version could easily be produced for the U.S. market.) Second, it has drop-in conversion barrels that allow you to switch it from the 7.5 FK caliber to 10mm or 9mm (and maybe other calibers as well?). And third, that 7.5 FK caliber itself. It’s a proprietary bottleneck round that launches 100-gr. bullets at around 2000fps from the 5-inch barreled PSD… and, at 100 meters it is still maintaining over 1,500 fps!

Let’s back up a moment to let you know how we know this. IWA is a European guns, hunting, and outdoors show, and much like the SHOT Show, everyone who’s anyone in Europe is there right now preparing for opening day. There’s a different trade show in the Middle East, called IDEX, which was held a couple of weeks ago in Abu Dhabi. Someone at the Abu Dhabi located a flyer depicting the new PSD, but FK BRNO wasn’t exhibiting there. Rumors began to fly that FK BRNO was waiting until IWA–a much more public show than IDEX–to announce the new PSD.

The flyer that got all of this started didn’t specifically mention 9mm drop-in barrel, which is likely the “big news” being saved for tomorrow, but it’s a natural next step. We know that European police and military forces almost exclusively use the 9mm, so their supply chains will be replete with the less-expensive round for training purposes. It’s also unclear whether the company was offering the pistol for sale at that time, or if the flyer was “leaked.” However, what is clear is that a different source that attended EnforceTac, a law-enforcement trade show, has privately assured us that a version of the PSD with a standard Picatinny accessory rail is in the pipeline as well.

As always, as we learn more, we’ll keep you posted!



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