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Benelli M4: Tactical Shotgun With a Tender Touch



Imagine a world in which shooting your defensive shotgun is fun. You’re in that world.

All shotguns are versatile enough to be used for defensive, hunting, and sporting purposes … but that doesn’t mean that it’s always necessarily fun for the shooter. Italian gunmaker Benelli is a brand under the Beretta imprint, bringing nearly 500 years of continuous, family-owned expertise to the world of things that go “boom,” so if anyone can engineer a shotgun to “do it all” and be pleasant to shoot, it’s Benelli.

In fact, as you’ll see in this video from famed gun reviewer Arm&Gun, it is possible to create a dedicated defensive shotgun that you won’t mind using to blast targets. Spoiler alert: It’s awesome. But of course, Arm&Gun has a lot more to say than that…

“The Benelli M4 is a fantastic weapon system produced by Italian firearms manufacturer Benelli. It was developed for a USA semi auto shotgun request for the military. The Benelli M4 is now one of the most commonly used shotguns in Military and Law Enforcement. This was the first gas operated shotgun Benelli designed, having traditionally used an inertia driven system in the semi automatics. The Auto Regulating Gas Operating, or ARGO for short, is a self adjusting, self cleaning system that allows both light field loads and heavy buckshot/slugs to be used and reliably run interchangeably without any adjustments to the shotguns gas system.”

Want a defensive shotgun that’s fun to shoot? Check out the Benelli M4 specs and find a dealer here.


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