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Are You Not Entertained?? WOOX Gladiatore for Your Mossberg



Strength and Honor!

At WOOX’ Signal, Unleash Hell!

WOOX has always focused on creating exceptional gear and mods for your treasured guns, but the big news today is that the company just announced its all-new Gladiatore suite of furniture for Mossberg® 500/590/M88/Shockwave pump shotguns. (Russell Crowe could not be reached for comment.) What’s cool about the Gladiatore components is that they’re more than an aesthetic upgrade. Crafted from genuine American walnut, combining Italian design and offering more utility than the original equipment they replace, WOOX Gladiatore parts are what you’ve been Roman for. (We’ll quit with the puns now.)

“We recognized a lack of options for shotgun owners desiring upgrades that deliver a level of sophistication while also enhancing performance”, said Danilo Minelli, CEO of WOOX. “Gladiatore is the result and we are excited to bring the WOOX experience to shotgun owners.”

The Gladiatore Fore End fits 6.5” tubes and features dual M-LOK® rails, aggressive checkering for a no-slip grip, and flared ends for confident operation. A bonus fore end removal tool is included to aid in the five minute installation procedure.

The Gladiatore Stock is crafted and hand-finished, with an innovative aerospace aluminum coupling that ensures a solid fit. A raised comb and four quarter-inch LOP spacers with a microcell butt pad combine to make this stock a solid upgrade for any shooter.

The Gladiatore Club Grip is a beautiful upgrade to the Mossberg® Shockwave pump action shotgun. Solid American walnut, crafted and purpose-built with a bulbous flare sporting deep checkering for a secure hold, especially in wet or sweaty conditions.

Gladiatore is available as individual components or in popular Stock + Fore End and Club Grip + Fore End kits.

Gladiatore Fore End – $129.00 MSRP
Gladiatore Stock – $249.00 MSRP
Gladiatore Club Grip – $119.00 MSRP
Gladiatore Stock + Fore End Kit – $349.00 MSRP
Gladiatore Club Grip + Fore End Kit – $229 MSRP


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