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7 Freakiest Things Hunters See in the Woods



From the creepy-but-explainable to the just plain bizarre…

Every so often, the mostly-anonymous social-media site Reddit asks itself a question: Hunters of Reddit, what did you see out there that made you never want to go back into the woods? Some of the replies are clearly jokes; some of the replies aren’t especially freaky or weird. But some of them, on the other hand, do have a tendency to lodge in your mind to keep you company on those chilly pre-dawn vigils. Of course, given the anonymous nature of Reddit, it’s nearly impossible to verify any of these tales, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to try to figure out what possibly could have given them rise. Here are seven of the best recent ones, from the least to the most creepy…

7. The Noise

Generally, if someone heard something scary in the woods, it was either a fox or a mountain lion (or a bobcat, if there aren’t mountain lions in the area). That said, this particular behavior isn’t particularly foxy or pumalike…and what trained hunting dog won’t go near either?

6. The Moose Puppet

This one is also easily explainable…obviously, a human being did this. The question of “why” is also easily explained (meth, probably). However, that doesn’t make this any less creepy. And best of all, this one actually did come with proof.

Yeah, that’s gonna be a “no” from me, moose.

5. Dead Man’s Moans

This one isn’t the slightest bit supernatural, but it’s haunting all the same…and a reminder to bring your medication and a cell phone with you if you have a medical condition.

4. When Time is Out of Joint

What happened here: a fugue state? Undiagnosed epilepsy? Or was this hunter abducted by particularly friendly aliens who wanted him to awake in comfort after they were finished with the probing?

3. Unidentified Flying Objects

Speaking of “extremely friendly aliens,” there’s nothing to see here. Just a weather balloon that encountered some ball lightning and also some swamp gas and…oh, is that Will Smith in a black suit and shades?

2. The Angel of Death

If this one is to be believed–which even the poster is willing to admit it might be tough to do–I personally can’t think of what the two people who claim to have seen the “angel of death” might have experienced. There are things in the woods fast enough to gain on a four-wheeler, but none of them can do it on two legs…

1. No. Nope, nope, nope. I’m out.

Everybody has their limit, and this is mine. Creepy little girls.


What’s the freakiest thing you ever saw in the woods? Tell us in the comments!


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