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Zombie Survival Gear: Brewz 2Go For Caffeine On the Run



Zombies don’t need to sleep…and now, neither do you!

One of the keys to surviving the zombie apocalypse is to never let the shuffling undead catch you napping–and that’s why today we’re highlighting Brewz 2Go, a take-anywhere solution for bringing fresh-brewed, premium coffee into the field (and sweet, sweet caffeine into your bloodstream). Whether you’re walking point on zombie-eradication foray or simply trying to stay awake in that chilly deer blind, Brewz 2Go brings coffeehouse taste into the field with you. The best part is that Brewz 2Go understands sportsmen–they’re hunters and shooters themselves–so your cup of Joe comes with fresh-brewed pro-2A sentiment on the side.

Make no mistake: This is the furthest thing from “instant coffee” that you can imagine. Brewz 2Go has hand-selected and custom-ground beans to work perfectly in the Brewz 2Go Single-Serves. These eminently portable sachets were developed to give coffee lovers a rich and satisfying coffee experience anywhere you can make hot water. The Brewz 2Go concept centers on organic sachets packed with just the right amount sweet, sweet caffeine so the coffee can steep to the preferred strength and flavor note.

Here’s how it works, and it’s so simple a zombie could do it (if their brains weren’t mush):  Simply place the coffee satchel in a mug, add 8 ounces of hot water, and steep for four minutes (longer for a more robust flavor). If you are a fan of cold-brewed or ice coffee, Brewz 2Go Single-Serves stand ready. Just replace hot water with cold and allow the sachet to steep overnight for mug of super-smooth cold-brew java.

Three Brewz 2Go roasts are available to deliver that sweet, life-saving caffeine into your bloodstream. Bold Roast delivers a full-bodied taste with fruit undertones and a delicate chocolate finish. Medium Roast expertly balances the dark roast experience with a light, sweet taste. Mild Roast is soft on the palate with a pleasant cinnamon note that pairs well with cream or sugar.

Brewz 2Go Single-Serves include 13 coffee satchels per package, and all come in a convenient and resealable portable bag to preserve the carefully roasted flavor and to keep out moisture. For home or camp use when coffee is required “in volume,” all Brewz 2Go Single-Serve Mild, Medium, and Bold Roasts are also available in 1/2-lb. bags of whole bean or medium-grind suitable for drip, percolate, or press.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you that you can win some sweet, sweet caffeine from Brewz2Go (along with some other amazing prizes) with our Survive the Braindead $2k Gun & Gear Giveaway! This Giveaway runs through midnight on November 12, and features a Fabrique Nationale 509 9mm Sub-Compact pistol and Trijicon reflex sight courtesy of Primary Arms. Naturally, no true zombie slayer would enter the fray without a case of 9mm Fiocchi ammunition, CrossBreed gear to keep it stowed, hearing protection from AXIL (to drown out the groans of the undead), a Custom Bullmastiff Stainless Steel Liner Lock Flipper from CIVIVI for all of your zombie-silencing needs, coffee from Brewz 2Go to keep you in Condition Yellow, a Gold membership from the Personal Defense Network and more!

Entering the Survive the Braindead $2K Gun & Gear Giveaway is free and easy! Just click here, give us a way to contact you, and get ready to survive the braindead.


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