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Worlds Collide FB Live Re-Cap: Robs, Bullets, Tacos and Ding Dongs



Rob Leatham and Rob Pincus – the dynamic duo of the series Worlds Collide – had a spirited exchange on Facebook Live last night.

Leatham’s argument is rooted in physics and relates to power. A .45 has more mass than a 9mm, which means it will carry more momentum into the target. Therefore, a .45 has more stopping power. In other words, hitting your target with a .45 bullet is more likely to successfully bring down your target than hitting it with a 9mm bullet.

Pincus’ argument is rooted in statistics and relates to probability. A 9mm bullet is lighter, which means that it takes less strength, coordination and practice to achieve the same level of shooting accuracy as it would with a .45. A 9mm bullet also has a smaller diameter, which means a 9mm magazine can hold more rounds than a .45 magazine of the same size. Therefore, average gun owners carrying a 9mm essentially have more bullets that require less effort and skill to shoot accurately. In other words, you will be more likely to successfully defend yourself against an unwanted attack during which you are forced to fire your gun.

In our minds, they both present compelling cases for their thoughtful and entertaining perspectives.

After yet another lengthy debate over power and probability, things devolved into arguments of hard shell vs. soft shell tacos and Ho Hos vs. Ding Dongs. We will call it a draw for now, with the notable exception that both Robs chose Ding Dongs.

We can’t wait to continue this discussion next week at Shot Show. See you in Vegas!


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