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WATCH: Steyr MF Pistol Vs. Some Criminal MF



The Steyr MF is the most hotly anticipated handgun this year, and it’s here! (Too bad for that MF trying to break in.)

The MF in Steyr’s A2 MF pistol stands for “modular frame,” and it is hands-down the handgun we’ve most wanted to get our hands around since we first heard about it in 2019. Textured, interchangeable backstraps and grips make it so the gun can be quickly customized to fit your hands and grip perfectly. Then there’s the devastating accuracy, the time-tested Steyr dependability in the worst conditions, and to top it all off…a sticker price of $675 (and you’re sure to find it for less at dealers).

The Steyr MF handgun is currently available in 9mm. Since its predecessor (the S40-A1) was available in a wide variety of calibers suited for home- and self-defense, there’s every reason to believe that the storied Austrian gunmaker will roll out other calibers in the future. The MF is loaded with premium features such as four separate passive and active safety systems…all without sacrificing in-the-moment point-and-shoot reliability. At 1.3 inches wide, 1.7 pounds with an empty magazine, and just 5.6 inches high, the Steyr MF handgun works in your EDC rig every bit as well as it does in your bedside gun safe.

Want to know more about the Steyr MF handgun? Click the above video, or visit to find a dealer!