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WATCH: Best New Knives of 2021 Unveiled



Turns out you can design great knives in quarantine!

The COVID-19 pandemic put the kibosh on the 2021 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trades (SHOT) Show, but the good news is this: The trade show was canceled, but the innovation and design that goes into making all of those new products most certainly wasn’t! The WeKnife Company‘s groundbreaking method of delivering the best blades of 2021 to you works just as well under quarantine as it does “normally.” That’s because WeKnife leverages American knife-making knowhow with Chinese manufacturing capability to bring you top-end knives at mid-range prices. Each WeKnife design is custom crafted by an American master tradesman, then carried out to WeKnife’s exacting specifications in the Far East. Check out these best new knives of 2021 in today’s video…straight from the genius of WeKnife’s designers, directly into your EDC rig. Want to be the first guy on your block with a cutting-edge (ha!) WeKnife design in your pocket? Click here to visit their site!

Or you can win a $300 Minax folder from WeKnife today…along with some great guns & gear!

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