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Try Crossbow Shooting With Feradyne’s “Covert Bloodshed” Kit



You’ve got to admit, “Covert Bloodshed” is a pretty badass-sounding name.

The archery experts at Feradyne know that the ancient sport of bowhunting is going through another renaissance these days, and that’s a good thing when it comes to introducing the next generation to the shooting sports and hunting. But if you’re not sure you’re up to dealing with a 50-pound draw weight or a huge recurve bow, Feradyne’s Covert Bloodshed Crossbow Kit might just be the perfect first (or only, come to think of it) step. The kit is a “ready to hunt” all-in-one bonanza, featuring everything you need to get started.

Bowhunting and target practice is awesome in general, but what makes crossbow hunting in particular such a boon is that it’s less physically demanding than other types of archery–so it’s great for the disabled, junior shooters, new archers, and seniors dealing with bursitis and other painful reminders of age. The best part is that crossbow hunting in some form is now legal in 49 states! (Check out this informative map from Cabela’s to see what restrictions might apply where you live or hunt.)

The Feradyne Covert Bloodshed Crossbow Kit doesn’t require that you spend weeks and buckets of money collecting all the bits and bobs you’ll need. It comes complete with a Quiet Crank Cocking Wench, Quick Detach 3 Arrow Quiver, 3 Mayhem 20” Crossbolts, Rail Lubricant, 3 Practice Points, 4×32 Deluxe Lighted Scope, and a Folding Foregrip. For more details, just click here.

Of course, if you’re brand-new to the world of the crossbow, we also recommend educating yourself about how they work! Click here for a brief video covering some important safety do’s and don’ts for crossbow hunters.

The Feradyne Covert Bloodshed Crossbow Kit is about a $600 value, but until March 20th you’ll have the chance to win one (along with beaucoup other guns and gear, naturally) with the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance $9K Spring Guns & Gear Giveaway. Click here to enter!


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