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Three Strikes, You’re IN: Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System For the Win



Strikeman knows the average American gun owner spends nowhere near enough time practicing …

We all know that shooting well is a perishable skill. We all know that we should be going to the range at least monthly to keep that skill fresh. We all know that most of us aren’t going to do that, because we have busy lives and ammunition isn’t getting any cheaper. Throw in the pain-in-the-ass factor and sometimes it’s just easier to stay home on your couch. Now, the Strikeman Laser Firearm Training system means you can do just that! Sharpen your marksmanship safely and quietly from your La-Z-Boy with this super-easy system. In this video, you’ll see just how simple it is to train at home, and how quickly this $199 investment will pay off. For more information, visit Strikeman here!

Naturally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that you can win a Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System–along with some great guns and gear–with our …

 Ring In Spring $3K Guns & Gear Giveaway!

A complete listing of the prize package on offer is below, and we definitely recommend giving it a scroll! Don’t worry, we’ll give you the entry link again at the end.

Ring in Spring II $3K Guns & Gear Giveaway

1. Hk Heckler & koch MP5 .22 LR Rifle, 25rd Magazine, Valued at $419.99

2. Taurus G3XL Tenifer Matte Black 9mm Luger Full Size 12 Rds. Valued at $342.98

3. Lockdown In-Plain-Site-Shelf Valued at $144.99

4. Lockdown The Puck, Valued at $119.99

5. Lockdown Silica Gel, 40G, Valued at $7.99

6. Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System, Valued at $199

7. Strikeman Pro Advanced Laser Firearm Training System, Valued at $399

8. Ammunition Depot Gift Card (valid only at Valued at $1,000

9. N8 Tactical Executive Holster, Valued at $49.95

10. N8 Tactical Flex G2 IWB mag Carrier, Valued at $39.95

11. Crossbreed Holsters The Reckoning System, Valued at $94.95

12. Crossbreed Holsters Crossover Gun Belt, Valued at $89.95

13. PDN in the Home 9-DVD Set + FREE Concealed Carry Box Set, Valued at $129.99

14. PDN Gold Membership Valued at $124

See what we mean? Now go ahead and get ready to ring in spring … ENTER HERE!



  1. ThePersonYouHate

    March 21, 2022 at 6:19 pm

    Heard absolutely terrible things about their service. Also, it seems incredibly stupid to get used to pointing your gun around, pulling the trigger, and not having a bullet fly out of the barrel. But, maybe I don’t understand the system, and I definitely don’t care enough to research a garbage company any further.

  2. Dan Churchman

    March 21, 2022 at 2:28 pm

    Your readers need to be aware of Strikeman’s terrible customer service record. My wife ordered one for me for Christmas. She placed the order end of November and it didn’t ship as promised. Christmas came and went, no order. Not one email, no calls. Radio silence. I searched any source I could find but never was able to talk to them nor did they answer emails. By all appearances, they were a scam. I disputed the purchase with my credit card company and it was covered. Finally, however, I received an email in mid-February saying there systems would be “shipping soon.” I can understand maybe manufacturing or supply issues, especially during COVID (after all, everybody used that excuse). But not responding, ignoring customers for 3 months, and not providing any mechanism on their website to contact them? Very poor, inexcusable practices. I was able to post a message on their Facebook page, but I never got any response. By the way, there were literally 200+ comments on it saying the same exact things that I experienced. This company can’t be trusted.

  3. Lewis Stuart Rowell

    March 21, 2022 at 11:14 am

    Thank you!

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