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The Silent Howl: Lone Wolf Pistol Suppressors



Ahh, the children of the night! What sweet music they…aren’t making right now…

Whether you call it a suppressor or a silencer, adding an aftermarket noise reducer to your handgun is much easier and less expensive than you might think. Lone Wolf Arms specializes in the best in Glock hacks and mods, but the company’s all-new Elimin8r .45 is for just about any handgun or caliber you may wish, all the way up to .300 BLK!

The first thing to know is that suppressors are perfectly legal for law-abiding citizens to own in most states. There are some extra steps (detailed here), and there’s an additional $200 to cough up for Uncle Sam, but once you try shooting suppressed you’ll never go back. The amount of noise reduction you’ll experience–which varies from caliber to caliber, as you may imagine–is only part of the story. The difference in felt recoil is also a tremendous aid for people with painful conditions like arthritis.

This suppressor features a lightweight, modular design with 8 baffles that are easily configured to your desired length. It’s rated for practically every pistol caliber up to 10mm/.300BLK subsonic). If you’re a GO CLASS III OR GO HOME kinda gun guy, you’ll be pleased to know they’re also rated for full auto. The O-rings on each baffle allow for ease of assembly or disassembly and ensure a tight fit while sending rounds down range.

Unlike some other aftermarket specialists, Lone Wolf suppressors are designed to be compatible with as many other suppressor part manufacturers as possible. MSRP $599.95/


Modular design with 8 baffles

O-Rings for ease of assembly and disassembly

Rated for full-auto shooting

Compatible with multiple popular pistons (SilencerCo, Rugged, Griffin)

Designed in conjunction with Primary Weapons Systems™


Weight: 10.1oz (measured with .578-28 piston)

Length: 8.45in

Diameter: 1.375in

Caliber Rating: up to 10mm (includes .300BLK subsonic)

Finish: Anodized black

Build Material: 17-4, 7075 Al

MSRP: $599.95

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