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The Sheepdog XL by Kizer



Recently I have been buying knives a lot, and I came across something that really caught my eye. The Sheepdog XL by Kizer knives. This knife is almost a 10-inch flipper, and it weighs 8.4oz., the blade is made from 154CM steel which is known for being an amazing knife steel. This behemoth of a blade is cool enough to make any man or women smile. This blade is so badass when I opened it for the first time, I was so filled with joy I just started laughing and couldn’t stop.

The blade is a sheepsfoot style shape looking kind of like a cleaver with a point. Kizer has not let anyone down with this beast. It is a big knife, but it flips open with so little effort it is unbelievable and blows my mind every time. Despite the knife being such a big pocketknife, it comes with a deep-carry pocket clip and doesn’t take up too much room in your pocket. The Sheepdog comes with a liner lock and micarta scales for handle material. The blade is stable and very secure while locked, but the lock is so easy to open that this knife only takes one hand to open with ease. The pivot is a smooth ball-bearing which makes it effortless to open and very easy to close, but when the knife is closed it locks up very solid. This blade is a perfect mix of steel, micarta, and a good helping of badass. The steel is heavy but the micarta is light and together the balance is amazing.

The knife is very elegant and feels like a perfect fighting knife, but it is a cleaver. Carrying this knife around gives you what I call the big knife disease. The big knife disease is when you carry around a big knife and you just feel great and feel uplifted because you know you are carrying a huge knife. Symptoms of big knife disease range from a big smile on your face to skipping like a Disney princess. The Sheepdog is very eye catching and if used as an everyday carry knife don’t be surprised when you pull it out, and everyone around you seems like they are in trance staring at it. This knife is big but if you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of pocket space there is no reason why the Sheepdog couldn’t be your next EDC. The blade is light, agile, and very sharp. Any problem you could have during your day ranging from cutting boxes to protecting yourself, the Sheepdog would not skip a beat.

I have carried this knife for a little bit, and I have not found one thing that this knife was bad at. I am not fond of how much pocket space it takes up but if you are willing to make that sacrifice the Sheepdog would be a great choice for you. This knife blew my mind when I pulled it out of the box and still does to this day. Kizer did an amazing job with this knife and has really set the bar high for big knives in the industry.


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