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Smith & Wesson Launches All-New CSX 9mm Pistol



The gun giant has done it again!

Smith & Wesson may have spent the last two years desperately trying to keep up with their backorder list, but they never forgot their core mission: Protecting the homes and persons of Americans nationwide. Now that (some of) the COVID-19 dust has settled, the industry giant today announced the launch of a completely new product to their line of pistols, the CSX. This new 9mm is perfected for concealed carry (CCW) and industry insiders are already bullish on its fit, finish, and accuracy. The CSX is built on an aluminum alloy frame with interchangeable polymer back straps, providing the user the ability to customize their level of concealment and ergonomic fit. The CSX holds an impressive 12+1 capacity and comes with an additional 10 round magazine for deeper concealment.

“Since the launch of the M&P Shield pistol, Smith & Wesson has been invested in the compact concealed carry firearm market. Last year, we modernized and updated the legacy platform by increasing capacity and updating the trigger geometry with the release of the Shield Plus. With the design of the CSX, we started with a fresh canvas; providing the consumer with a completely different option for concealed carry,” said John Myles, Senior Product Manager

The CSX was designed with flexibility in mind and, despite its micro-sized frame, the CSX packs both ambidextrous slide releases and manual safeties. Additionally, the CSX comes with two changeable magazine release buttons providing left-handed shooters the option to convert from the standard right-handed magazine release. While the CSX is packed with many rich new features, it also features some of Smith & Wesson’s classic design characteristics like the optimized 18-degree grip angle and textured front and back straps. The slide has serrations on the front and rear to assist with slide manipulation. The rear serrations are accentuated with a flared design on both sides to make racking the slide even easier. The barrel is 3.1” inches and features a one-in-ten twist rate to optimize accuracy. The CSX pistol is single-action-only and is equipped with a very comfortable flat-faced trigger to provide a crisp, clean, and consistent trigger pull.

MSRP on the new Smith & Wesson CSX is $609.00.



  1. GunGearMan

    January 17, 2022 at 11:09 am

    I’m comfortable with the single action system, and having 10-12 rounds is a plus. While it looks small in some of the pictures I’ve seen on the web, how does it compare to a Sig Sauer P365 or a GLOCK 19?

  2. glock19fan

    January 10, 2022 at 11:15 am

    I prefer the DA/SA trigger. In past years I had a misfire but the DA gave me a second “go” at the cartridge wthout having to rack the slide. This was reliable makes of ammo and reliable pistols so “stuff” has happened but the second trigger pull was the answer.

    • Michael

      January 10, 2022 at 3:27 pm

      Agree,just remember to decock when clear of threats this has A thumb safety you can lock unlock while cocked as this S&WW has a exposed combat hammer.So this hass to be based off the design off the 1911 line design SA only with thumb break safety and trillium alloy frame to compete with the Original EMP 1911 Springfield 9 and 40 S&W cal and Kimber micro and 380 and now 9mm off the Patterned Colt 1911 9mm
      Defender. off the 380 Mustang micro. with no grip safety!

  3. Will

    January 10, 2022 at 10:15 am

    Perfect example of what happens when you have parties at the office and alcohol is involved…”HEY guys n gals!!! Wouldn’t it be cool if we took an M&P, shield plus, SD/Sigma and a 1911 and let them have a orgy!!???” Welp here is the end result. Loose the cheesy M&P style rear grip module, which is also stupid on the ar15…

  4. David

    January 10, 2022 at 9:59 am

    How about an actual shooting review rather than a marketing summary?

    • Will

      January 10, 2022 at 10:20 am

      David you can find great reviews on YouTube also I know from first hand experience it’s a very accurate pistol like all modern pistols should be and if you practice proper grip it’s very controllable

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