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Shooting Tips: 6 Mistakes That Rob Rifle Accuracy



Rifles are renowned for their long distance accuracy and high power, however truly mastering the art of firing a rifle requires a high degree of skill and intense training. A handgun by virtue is far easier to fire and master, a rifle on the other hand has so many intricate details that need to be taken into account for the perfect shot. This rule applies to every rifle out there, irrespective of the manufacture date or the make. This does not mean that rifle owners should just give up hope and continue with their current rifle prowess’s as with a few appropriate tips everyone out there can shoot their rifles to perfection. This is exactly why we have compiled a list of six common mistakes that affect rifle accuracy; these common mistakes are mentioned below.

Not Carrying Protection From the Elements

The first and most common mistake people make while hunting is not carrying protection from the elements. By protection we mean bug spray, insect repellant and skin protection products. All of these products will help you focus on your target and ignore external factors that might influence your accuracy. Furthermore, carrying these products will not only help you focus on your target but it will also protect you from diseases such as malaria or dengue. So please make sure you carry protection products in order to make sure that your target has your undivided attention.

Thinking Fatigue Will Not Impact Accuracy

Most of the hunters out there, love pushing themselves to the edge and continue hunting even if their bodies are begging to rest. This is of course admirable but shooting in fatigue is next to impossible, especially with a rifle. A rifle by virtue requires strength to fire accurately, so how can you expect accuracy if you do not have the strength to holster the weapon. There is a simple solution to this problem, simply take short breaks while hunting. We would recommend taking at least a break for at least an hour in order to make sure you are physically fit for the shot.

Not Checking Your Barrel Floating

If you have a brand new rifle, then you can ignore this as it takes rifles quite some time to develop this issue. When rifles are in continuous use, the barrel starts to touch the base of the gun and this make it far more difficult to accurately hit a target. When the barrel touches the base of the gun it upsets the rhythm and the vibrations that required for accurate shooting, without these factors your rifle will keep firing at different locations! In order to make sure your barrel float is on point, simply run a dollar bill through the gap; if it feeds perfectly then you have nothing to worry about. However, if the bill doesn’t seamlessly pass through the gap then please consider maintaining your rifle.

Considering Factors That Could Make You Flinch

Every professional hunter out there understands how flinching while shooting robs their rifles of accuracy and precision. Of course, flinching due to external factors is completely understandable and in most cases unavoidable. However, if you are flinching due to a noise or fire from the end of the barrel or recoil from the gun, then you should consider maintaining your gun. If the source of your flinching is due to a malfunction in your rifle, then it is safe to say that shooting with impeccable accuracy is next to impossible.

Not Shooting With the Appropriate Stance

It is simply impossible for people to shoot a rifle with a hundred percent accuracy if their stance is not on point. There are many stances which people can choose when firing a rifle, however the most common include standing, bench, sitting and prone. All of these stances are unique in their own perspective and each shooter should familiarize themselves with each stance. For new hunters we would recommend the seated bench stance as this improves accuracy and helps with recoil endurance.

Not Considering Finger Placement

Most people do not know this but your trigger finger placement, plays an integral role in the accuracy of your shot. Most hunters rest their right index finger on the trigger and according to studies this actually affects the accuracy of the shot by a substantial margin. We would recommend placing your trigger finger on the rim of the trigger and only move your finger once you have your target locked.

So if you currently own a rifle and want to become the ultimate hunter, please avoid the mistakes mentioned above.


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