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Seattle’s Anti-Gun Chickens Come Home to Roost



Well, well, well! Who ever could have predicted this would happen? (Besides everybody?)

“Reality cannot be ignored except at a price; and the longer the ignorance is persisted in, the higher and more terrible becomes the price that must be paid.”― Aldous Huxley

Right now, the citizens of Seattle have a truly nasty overdue bill awash in red ink drawn from their own veins. That bill is the price for ignoring reality. Reality states that disarming law-abiding citizens will only open them to becoming victims. Reality states that defunding the police results in unsolved crimes. Reality states that playing catch-and-release with violent criminals will cause violence to rise. Gun banners and their fellow travelers blithely ran up that bill, and so far 70 Seattleites have paid the price.

Seattle has two choices right now: Either acknowledge reality and roll back the idiocy of the soft-on-crime, tough-on-citizens approach, or continue as they have done. They will choose the latter, and blame the resultant increase in violent crime on the Second Amendment and whatever cops have remained on duty. The terrible, nasty, overdue bill will keep snowballing with interest until, eventually, the Bank of Reality comes in and forecloses the whole thing.

Our friends at the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) have the details …


The City of Seattle—home to a billionaire-backed gun prohibition lobbying group which bankrolled two gun control initiatives that have been dismal failures—hit a new homicide record this week, ironically with the death of a June stabbing victim, and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said the time has come to repeal the laws that only impact law-abiding citizens and take a new course against criminals.

Seattle has now posted 70 murders, and there is still one full month remaining for the body count to rise even more.

“Seattle, and the whole of Washington State, is proof positive that passing laws which only impact honest gun owners accomplish nothing to reduce violent crime,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “We warned people in 2014 that Initiative 594 would not prevent murder or mayhem, and we were right. We told Seattleites in 2015 the tax on guns and ammunition in their city would not prevent shootings or slayings, and we were right. We cautioned voters in 2018 that Initiative 1639 would not keep guns out of the wrong hands, and we were right, again. In fact, we have consistently been right about public safety issues while the other side is only interested in public disarmament.

“How many more people must die before the gun ban bunch publicly acknowledges they’ve been wrong all along,” he wondered. “What will it take to compel Gov. Jay Inslee, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell and their wealthy elitist anti-gun cronies to admit their agenda has failed miserably?

“The time has come for Washington State lawmakers and voters to roll back the extremist gun control measures, stop penalizing law-abiding gun owners and gun buyers for crimes they didn’t commit, and try a different tack,” Gottlieb suggested. “Almost three decades ago, we championed Hard Time for Armed Crime and Three Strikes laws. The public overwhelmingly supported both measures because instead of punishing the good guys, they concentrated on the bad guys. It’s time for that spirit to be revived.”

Instead of making it harder for Washington citizens to legally exercise their Second Amendment rights, Gottlieb said Washington lawmakers must make it easier to lock up criminals, especially recidivist outlaws who illegally possess and use firearms in crimes.

“Criminals can’t commit crimes when they are in jail,” he observed. “Thugs can’t kill or injure people from behind prison bars. If we want safe neighborhoods, we need solutions that work, not headlines that only offer false hopes. We will happily help with any good faith effort that doesn’t impair the rights of law-abiding citizens. This is our community, too, but we know the difference between good guys and bad guys. Anti-gunners obviously don’t.”


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