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On the 12 Days of Christmas, Two Birds In a #PewPew Tree!



Christmas songs getting stuck in an annoying loop in your head? Here’s a better one, and it goes like this …

One of the best things about living the #PewPew life is that, no matter how irritating that Christmas song is, you can always replace that earworm by hitting the range and opening up with some muzzle music. One of the worst things about living the #PewPew life in the year 2021 is that it’s hard to get a good range rhythm going when you keep running out of ammo. That’s why we’re delighted to announce our exclusive Two Birds Outdoors 12 Days of Christmas promotion, with new deals on all the ammunition your favorite instrument craves.

Every day, our partners at Two Birds will give America’s marksmen something better than true love (or seven swans a’ swimming. Seriously, whose idea was that?). That something is a new deal on different styles, brands, and quantities of the pistol, rifle, and shotgun ammo you need. Those ammunition deals expire at midnight (like those D&*! four calling birds did after I cashed in on today’s Two Birds shotshell deal). Quantities are as ample, but subject to demand … that’s legalese for “your best bet is to get in early and place your order.”

We’re going to be sending out an announcement with the new deals every morning (no eleven pipers piping, just maybe a “ping” if your e-mail does that). Keep an eye on your inbox for some of the best deals you’ll find in the year 2021. It all ends on Christmas Day, so don’t delay … those nine dancing ladies want a turn behind the trigger, too.

For example, today (12/15) Two Birds has the following offerings from Winchester and BPS:

500 rounds – 9mm, ON SALE HERE.

1000 rounds – 9mm, ON SALE HERE.

25 shells – 12 gauge ON SALE HERE.

 250 shells – 12 gauge ON SALE HERE.

Looking for other calibers? CLICK HERE



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